Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PoV Aftermath: James Calls For His Script, Forgets His Lines. #BB18

We knew it was going to happen, and it's not like we haven't been here before this season, but Victor was finally evicted for good last night during the "secretly taped" live eviction show. Victor left the game as expected, with class and the attitude of someone who knows this was only a game.  A game he wanted desperately to win, but part of being a good sport is losing gracefully.

And some people in the audience SCREAMED when he came bounding out, tossing his Big Brother duffel bag to the side, but asking Julie only seconds later if he should go back and pick it up.

The voting for America's Favorite Player should start tonight after the live show.  There are a number of notable Big Brother pundits (RHAP, Big Brother Gossip, Miss Cleo) who are endorsing Victor for AFP, and I am right there with them.  If we want him to win, we can't split the vote, and we must remember to vote the maximum every day until the finale.  Just imagine how happy the Puerto Rican Sensation will be when he realizes how much we appreciate his hard work this summer.

A few notes:

*  Victor got off on a bad start with me during the premiere episode.  Nicole was the first veteran to pop out of the blue trunk, and she was very awkward about it, obviously nervous and looking around to see who the other veterans were.  She chose to wander around and look at the bedrooms and immediately after she left the room, Victor told the other newbies that Nicole "already had a chance to win Big fact, she had TWO chances" to win and he wanted her gone immediately.  I thought this was WAY too aggressive to say in a group on the first day, and I didn't like him picking on Nicole. (I actually like Nicole.)  I'm just pointing this out due to the IRONY of Victor having THREE chances to win.  I predict both Victor and Nicole may be horrified but amused when they eventually watch this scene.

*  After Victor came back in the game the first time, he told Paul that he was having a much better time, because previously he felt so uncomfortable in every room, in every group the first time around.  Victor said he felt lonely and out-of-place, but when he returned he was having fun, enjoying himself and making friends.  As a live feed watcher, I think that was obvious.

*  Victor made a number of mistakes in his game, but one thing that can't be mistaken is that he wanted to win, and played that way. And he also wasn't afraid to address people directly with news of his plans, and was always informative without getting personal.  I watched Victor give some very bad news to people several times this summer, but he didn't waiver or blame his decisions on anybody else.  And in all cases the Bad News Recipients walked away feeling respected, some even shaking Victor's hand.

*  I think Victor could have won the season if he got to the Final Two, which is why he became such a big target in the final stages of the game.

*  If you're a Victor fan and you haven't watched him skip rope in the backyard, you missed a good show.  Surely someone captured that on You Tube....