Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Is it Still a Secret if Everybody Knows? #BB18

As usual, there are several credible leaks reporting information about the "secret" taping that happened on stage outside the Big Brother house last night.

As expected, Victor was evicted 2-0, which should not be a surprise for anybody, unfortunately.  I think he got one of the best BB Comics that I've seen, though, so at least he can be happy about that. The artist got the face and the tattoos right.  Victor is taking these clowns to Muscle City, apparently.

I heard Victor say he barely recognized himself in his comic, because the guy was so handsome.  We all recognize you, Victor.  We're no dumbells.

Someone on Reddit got tickets to the taping, and reported what she could say about it, trying to stay within the bounds of the CBS Rules and Regulations.  The taped "secret" show is usually filled with CBS employees, in an attempt to prevent spoilers, but I'm hearing that about 30 lucky "civilians" got tickets to the taping.

But some others aren't quite that discreet.  And as usual, lucky for us one of those blabbermouths is Twitter's own Miss Cleo.  And Miss Cleo has been in attendance for many of these secret tapings in past seasons, so he has a proven track record of getting the secret scoop for us.