Monday, September 12, 2016

The Beginning and Middle of the End. #BB18

The live feeds went down around 9:00 AM BBT this morning, and will not return until after the special Tuesday night CBS episode.  This is the week of the "secret" eviction, but there's not much "secret" about what will happen.  Victor will be evicted, and there will be a new HoH when the feeds return.  And then we'll have another eviction on Wednesday, but this time it will play out live on CBS.

It's kind of shocking to me that the Final Four are Nicole, Corey, James and Paul, even though we've seen this coming for at least a week now. Nicole won the PoV, which was the BB Comic competition.  She's played that competition before, of course, and implemented Christine's winning strategy from BB16.

But James played the same competition too, just last year.  So I don't know what his excuse was for TIMING OUT on it this time.  That's right, James "timed out" and wasn't allowed to finish, somewhere around the 35 minute mark.  I am tempted to say that James obviously threw the competition, but he has been such a loser in the challenges this season that I'm not sure about that.  I know they were all still sore from all of the slipping and sliding in the HoH competition, so who knows what impact that may have had on their PoV performance..

Victor said he loved his BB Comic, and it was his favorite out of all of the house guests' comics.  I haven't seen any of the actual comics yet, but here is what I heard them say about a few of them:

*  Victor's comic features "El Fit Vic" and Victor said he barely recognized himself, the picture was so handsome.
*  Nicole's comic featured her Safety Cone outfit, and said something about how her "cones would get you every time".  She said she liked her comic this time, but didn't like her BB16 comic.  I wouldn't either...take a look at this: