Saturday, September 10, 2016

Turns Out the Final Five Was the End of the Road for the Final Four. #BB18

On Thursday night, after the HoH competition, all of the competitors were in A LOT of pain, particularly Paul, who took too many hard falls to count on that slippery slope.  Paul did invent a new way to navigate the course, though, by dropping on his butt after filling his scoop of butter and sliding right down to the other end of the lane.

Nicole later said she'd never seen that method before.  And she also said the slope of the hill was much steeper when she played this competition in BB16.

Nicole:  All of us needed to see the medic after that comp.

(You can see evidence of that here, where Cody was the lone house guest who sat on the sidelines and watched everyone else slip and slide around.  And also here, where Caleb needed help getting down the hallway.  I actually thought Caleb would need crutches, but he was tough enough to recover on his own, without the help of Frankie Grande.)

So after the competition Paul took a bubble bath in the HoH room to sooth his aching back and bones.  I can't remember seeing anyone take a bubble bath this season, so Paul may be the first one to try it.  I think the fact that the HoH bathroom no longer has a proper door on it might have had an impact on the bathtub usage.  Just a guess.

At this time, Paul and Victor knew that one of them would go on the block this week, sitting next to James who was the intended target of the Final Four.  But it turns out that Corey, the HoH, had other plans.

On Friday Corey nominated Victor and Paul for eviction.  He and Nicole had this planned even before Corey pulled out the HoH win, and they pulled James in on it, too.  Corey and Nicole started talking about taking James to the final three with them as soon as last week's nominations were locked in after the PoV ceremony.  After the nomination ceremony ended today, Victor and Paul went to the London Room together.

Paul: I knew it.  I knew it.  I should have won that HoH comp, Vic.  I'm sorry about that.

Victor:  Wreak havoc?

Paul:  Nah.

Victor:  Well, I'm not going to be as friendly to them, because I wouldn't have done that to them.  It just sucks that I'm sitting on the block with you.