Thursday, September 8, 2016

Suddenly Everybody Looks Shady. #BB18

It's hard for me to understand how this season is going to go on for two more weeks.  That's going to feel like at least two months in Big Brother time. Even if you like all of the house guests who are still in the game right now, it's still a pretty monotonous stew of players when it's all mixed together.

Production must be struggling, too, because they gave the house guests a pack of cards to play with. Last year they didn't give them cards until they got down to the final three, but that was kind of exciting, to watch Vanessa Rousso shuffle the cards and teach Liz and Steve to play a few basic games, as well as a card trick.

The Final Four has got their shades on and are playing Texas Hold 'Em.  Victor says he actually feels better wearing the shades, since the lights are so bright in the house.

Nicole:  Yeah, that's what Tiffany said about it.

In case you're wondering, James and Natalie were in bed sleeping during the card game.

I did listen to an interesting conversation that happened yesterday, I think.  Nicole was telling the house guests about what it's like to get recognized by fans after the season is over.  She said that it happens quite often in the hospital, while she's at work.

Nicole:  By the time they say something to me about it, they've already got their phone out and want to take a picture.  But I have to tell them to stop, or I can get in a lot of trouble.

(Yeah, I guess taking snaps when there might be life-saving efforts going on in the ER is expressly prohibited.)

Nicole said one guy was in a life-threatening situation, going into cardiac arrest, and as he was getting wheeled away he was trying to talk to Nicole about Big Brother.

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 9 #BB18

Wil is back after skipping a week, and unfortunately he didn't miss much in that week.  Since the season is really dragging at this point, I have a few suggestions for Wil to fill up at least one episode.

*  A jury house segment - I'm sure there is plenty to work with there, particularly since Wil is so skilled at portraying Paulie's arrogance

*  A segment showing the pre-jurors watching from home. -  We can see the likes of Frank and Bronte watching the show, and what about Jozea?  There should be PLENTY of material to work with here.

*  Or even a segment with former BB players watching from home - the possibilities are endless!  What about Rachel and Elissa watching?  Ian Terry?  Or even Janelle or Mike Boogie?

Anyhoo, this week it's really The Nicole Show, and she's out of ideas, too.  And Big Meech has a few things to say, too.