Wednesday, September 7, 2016

As Their World Churns. #BB18

And suddenly, out of nowhere, we have things to talk about, developments to discuss.  I'm sure you know that James and Natalie are both on the block for eviction this week, and there has been quite a bit of "frickin' bullcrap" associated with that whole situation.

First Natalie tried to throw James under the bus with Paul and Victor, and then she tried to do the opposite the next day, asking them to keep James in the house this week.  But Paul and Victor have absolutely no power over who is evicted this week.

Houseguests Voting for Eviction This Week


So....Victor and Paul can worry about it until they're blue in the face, but the power rests solely in NiCorey's hands this week. There is a slight possibility that Corey could flip on Nicole, but let's not get too excited about the prospect of that happening.

Being on the block has Natalie and James at each other's throats for the past few days.  Until recently, the whole rollercoaster ride that is "Jatalie" has involved Natalie prancing around putting on a show for the cameras and talking about herself non-stop, with little to no regard to how James is, or how James is feeling about all of this.  Or anything else, for that matter.

Unless asking James his opinions about what Natalie should wear is considered asking about James' feelings, of course.

So the stress is getting to both of them, with Natalie now positive that she's the one who will be evicted, and also blaming James for that, and accusing James of knowing more than he pretends to know about the whole thing.

There was A LOT of drama with these two, with James saying he feels like Natalie has been using him this summer, and also putting pressure on her to tell him whether they are "broken up" or not.

James...if you have to ask that question repeatedly, without getting a satisfactory response, then it's pretty clear that you are indeed broken up.  Unless you look at it from the perspective that you were never really that case nothing has changed.  Needless to say, this "showmance" really highlights the difference between what the casual CBS-only viewers believe, and what the live feeders know from watching the feeds.