Monday, September 5, 2016

The Power to Do Nothing At All. #BB18

The PoV ceremony will be held later today, but we shouldn't expect anything exciting to happen. Corey is not expected to use the PoV, leaving both James and Natalie on the block for eviction this week.

***UPDATE*** The PoV was not used.  No big shock there.  And once again they had to film the PoV ceremony twice, but Production didn't want us to hear about it.  Nicole thought it had something to do with a face that Natalie made during the ceremony.

And we can forget about EVER being able to enjoy a proper blindside this season.  I am nearly positive that Nicole will give James a heads-up that Natalie is leaving, in order to grease the skids with him for next week, in case he wins HoH.  I was actually one of the dummies who thought Michelle's eviction might have been a blindside, but we all learned on the Sunday night CBS episode that the beans indeed got spilled all over the place.

Natalie came out to the backyard to talk to Paul and Victor, telling them that she was there to campaign to be voted out so James could stay in the game.  She told them that it "sucks being on the block next to your best friend".

(Well DUH and Michelle put Paul AND Victor on the block together less than two weeks ago.)

As soon as Natalie went back in the house, Nicole and Corey joined Paul and Victor on the patio to get the scoop about Natalie's latest plea.  (Note that just the night before, Natalie visited the guys in the HoH room and apologized for stabbing them both in the back, saying that she trusted James' judgement and was very sorry about that.)

Victor:  Take a seat.  We have a fresh batch of B.S. for you, right from the oven.

Paul:  Natalie just sat here and told us that she wanted to campaign for us to evict her so James could stay in the game.

Nicole:  She said WHAT?

Paul:  Yes, and she said it really sucks to be on the block next to your best friend....and that we don't understand, because she and James cuddle all of the time!  What about us though bro?

Victor:  I fuck Paul every night, and we were on the block...

Everyone laughs.  It's funny.  (And a JOKE, obviously.)