Sunday, September 4, 2016

PoV Aftermath: Red Flag on The Field. #BB18

Yesterday afternoon Natalie finally made the executive decision to go up the the HoH room and make some moves.  Specifically, she is trying to put feelers out with Paul and Victor, trying to set up her game for next week after James is evicted.

Natalie was up there for a long time, and much of that time involved talking about sports.  Natalie knows a fair amount about football, for example, she was able to name all three New York-based NFL teams.  Paul knows nothing about sports, however, and definitely let Natalie know that he "never cared" about it.

But Natalie's main message for the guys was this:  She is sorry that she chose to trust James' judgement in the game this summer, and feels she made a lot of bad decisions because she worked with him.  She also said that she and James are just friends, and never talk about the game.

The guys listened, but after Natalie left they were both going crazy seconds later, saying that Natalie just shit all over James and threw him under the bus.  They saw Nicole and Corey in the kitchen on the Spy Cam and motioned for them to come upstairs.