Saturday, September 3, 2016

Every Man's Buzzkill: I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So. #BB18

The first series of pictures were taken Friday, as the house guests all waited for the nomination ceremony to begin.  But the joke was on them, and all of us, because the ceremony didn't actually start until after 5:30 PM BBT.

And Victor put James and Natalie on the block for eviction, as promised.

Victor's HoH CD is a Drake and Future collaboration, and he's jamming out now, moving around and making various pointing gestures.  You can hear faint sounds leaking from his headphones.

Victor is also enjoying some Zapp's chips. It's hard to find those chips outside of the Louisiana area.  They're actually supposed to have half the sodium of standard potato chips because Zapp's is all about adding flavor, not salt.

Frito Lay, owned by Pepsi, is the big bully in the salty snack aisle of your local grocery store.  It's hard to encroach on Frito Lay's shelf space because they hold so much leverage with the retailers.  And Frito Lay also bought Stacy's Pita chip company so they would have a strong foothold in the snack display by the deli area, and hummus selection, as well.

But Zapp's doesn't GAF.  I just spent 5 minutes on their website trying to find the "Locate in your area"  section, but they don't even have one, apparently.  They just let you order directly from them, which is probably a much better deal for them as far as a per-package price.  They don't even want to play the Frito Lay game, it seems.