Friday, September 2, 2016

Victor Got a Game. And Now Everyone Has a Game. #BB18

Just after midnight, Victor was ready to explore his new HoH room.  There was a brief Diary Room leak while we heard a woman tell Victor to have "lots of energy when he leaves', and to "count to ten" upstairs before opening the door, and it will unlock on the 1st or 2nd try.

Victor:  Yes, Madame Lindsey. Thank you!

So polite, this new HoH.  Victor has probably met Lindsey before, since he's likely quite familiar with the staff and crew after being evicted TWICE.  He said that after being evicted last time, he just held his arms outstretched and "they" took off his red shirt and put on his gray competition shirt, like a model changing clothes backstage at a runway show.

(That is my analogy, not Victor's.)

Everyone gathered at the top of the stairs, waiting to get inside.  Victor is still wearing his costume from the HoH competition---apparently they were all "foxes in the hen house".  I didn't even realize they all had "tails' on the live show, but they did.   And Victor is also wearing a shirt here, so you know it's a special occasion.

As usual, everyone crowded around to gawk at the pictures.  Victor tells them that the clean-shaven picture was taken in 2014.  I think it might be Victor at his college graduation with his father, who seemed like a great guy in the family segment on CBS last night.

Note that only Paul and Victor have had family segments on the CBS show so far.  James has been assuming that he got a family segment weeks ago, telling Natalie that since they filmed his segment in Texas last season, they probably filmed in South Carolina this season.

Nope.  Not yet, anyway.  I thought it was kind of funny that right after the little family greeting videos that the house guests saw last night, Julie had to clarify who the woman was in James's video waving and saying "hi" to "Daddy" with two children.

Not that Natalie would care. That might have given her a convenient "out", actually, because James has started pushing her to make plans after the season, and asking her a lot of pesky questions that she doesn't seem to want to answer.