Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What a Whack Snack. #BB18

I know my posts are slowing down, but in my defense so is the action in the house.  And my real job is ramping up due to the Consistent Procrastinators who insist on waiting until the LAST MINUTE to even THINK ABOUT filing their extended 2015 business and personal tax returns.

But I'm getting a bunch of new client referrals, so I really can't complain. People need me, apparently.

Paul and Michelle are still on the block, of course, and all signs point to Michelle getting evicted by Nicole  who is expected to break a 2-2 tie.  I think Michelle has a vague feeling that she might be leaving, but James and Natalie appear to have no idea.

I can't recall ever seeing Michelle cook for herself, so I included a picture of her making an "omelet".

Michelle:  James taught me.

Paul:  What the fuck?

Outside Victor and Corey were havng such a hearty laugh that Paul walked outside and wanted in on the joke.  Basically the two of them were talking about what they would do if Natalie won HoH this Thursday.  Note that everyone thinks that this is a Double Eviction week, due to James' insistence about it.

(It isn't.)

The Joke:  The guys imitated Natalie getting ready to make her nominations.

Natalie: Now, what was that I heard about my F.T.'s?

The Guys: What?  F.T.'s?  I thought those things are real!