Monday, August 29, 2016

Tarts and Muffins on a Monday. #BB18

Nicole was up bright and early, getting ready to conduct her first-ever PoV meeting.  I'm not sure why she doesn't get ready in her HoH suite, but maybe she's trying to keep tabs on what is going on with the Common Folk this week.  (Or maybe because Cooooorreeeey is in the Have Not room.)

Just from looking at the picture, I think it's pretty obvious who is more excited about the upcoming PoV meeing.

(Because duh....Michelle is on the block and Nicole put her there, and is not expected to save her today.)

Big Meech is talking again about all of the weight she's gained this summer.  Nicole says she doesn't understand why Michelle keeps saying that, because she looks great to her.  But then Nicole started pointing out spots on her own body, saying this or that area is "chubby".  She thinks she weighs 110 right now, but Michelle thinks that is a drastic overstatement.  Michelle also mentioned the good old days, when she weighed 110 pounds herself.

What do you guys think about Nicole's top?  I think it's rather tarty for a Monday morning PoV ceremony, but what do I know.

There is a poll on Jokers right now that was likely posted by someone who is not fond of Nicole's couture.  There are only 28 votes so far, so I don't think we can draw any conclusions yet, but I'm thinking this black lace garb is the "$170 stripper top" referred to in the poll.

I know Frank wasn't a fan of those "white toddler sandals".

It's a Have Not's Perogative to Change Their Mind. #BB18

If you take your eyes off the live feeds for a few hours, it turns out that you don't miss much, at this point in the game.  Corey and Victor have been Have Nots since Saturday morning.  Both of them were skeeving, big time, about this week's Have Not foods of Seaweed and Squid, and swore that neither of those items would be eaten at all, banishing the entire display to the garbage can.

The slop only diet is working for Victor, I'll just say. But after another full day of being stubborn, Victor finally broke down after watching Michelle and Natalie crunch their way through several packages of the dried seaweed just after midnight on Monday morning.

They have several different varieties of the seaweed, and are enjoying analyzing the pictures and Japanese writing on each one.  Victor started eating some and making different soy-based sauces to dip them in, and decided the seaweed was not so bad.

I actually bought a huge package of the individually-wrapped seaweed packages earlier this year at Costco.  Even though it tastes very salty, the actual salt content is fairly low.  It's crunchy, and kind of melts in your mouth.  I bought it in hopes that I could eat it instead of eating tortilla or pita chips.

But then I discovered this brand of snacks.  They even have a sriracha good.

Anyway, Victor started trying the seaweed, and was big enough to admit that it wasn't that bad.  The kitchen was full of crunching noises as they all enjoyed this late night snack. One package has a picture of a caveman and two cavewomen on it.  Natalie passed the package over to Victor and wanted to hear his interpretation of what the package and the caveman was trying to tell us.

Michelle:  I don't get why a caveman would be eating seafood.

Victor, after studying the package:  Well, I think the caveman probably boned the two cavewomen.

I don't know about you, but I still have many unanswered questions about the marketing strategy for this product.  The girls say that every variety they've tasted has been good, but they each have a different taste.  Natalie says that these snacks are a "pageant secret" because they are so low-calorie and can fill you up quickly.  Each package has around 20 calories, so it might even be one of those foods like celery that takes more energy to digest than it provides in calories.