Saturday, August 27, 2016

One Week Only: Unlimited Disgust and Revulsion. #BB18

Nicole is the HoH this week, and yesterday she frickin' put Paul and Michelle on the block for eviction.  Nicole says Michelle is her actual target, and I believe her because she knows Michelle is after her, and is worried about Michelle's ability to win the mental competitions that are so important late in the game.

Nicole and Corey made an alliance with Paul and Victor after she won HoH with the very boring name "Final Four", and Paul agreed to go on the block as Nicole's frickin' pawn.  Paul didn't offer, but he agreed to this arrangement.  There will be four votes to evict this week, so Nicole will break a tie if necessary.

I know Nicole and Corey like the Final Four idea because they feel they have a better chance to align with strong competitors like Victor and Paul.  But you'd be kidding yourself to think that Nicole won't swing back over to James next week if he or Natalie win HoH.  Nicole even made a big point about not wanting to nominate Natalie this week because she feels Natalie did her a solid by keeping her safe last week.

PoV Players:

Nicole -  HoH
Paul: - Nominated for eviction
Michelle - Nominated for eviction
Victor - Random draw
James - Random draw
Corey - picked by Paul
Natalie - relegated to host

They're hoping that the PoV will be the BB Comics challenge, but I also heard Paul murmuring about the Morphomatic to Nicole.  Paul also told Natalie that he picked Corey for the PoV because Corey never wins PoV, and Paul wants to increase his chances to win.

If Victor wins, and uses the PoV to save Paul, will Nicole put James up?  I'm not even sure Victor would use it, though, because he is so excited to be part of the Final Four, and knows Michelle is Nicole's target.  He won't want to break the deal by pushing the James agenda.

But what if Michelle wins?  Now that will be interesting, and will force Nicole to show her hand by nominating Victor or James.  At this point I have no idea who she would choose, and how the voters would vote.


The house guests were locked up in the HoH first thing this morning, and when they were released they immediately started grossing out on the horrible smell wafting up from the dining table.  They were yelling all the way down the stairs, saying "are you kidding me?"

I guess we should have expected this, due to the sea monster HoH comp and all.  It's squid and seaweed, but from the sound of it, it smells like rotten squid.