Friday, August 26, 2016

Quitters Never Win. But Winners Sometimes Whine. #BB18

The live feeds returned within 5 minutes of the end of the CBS episode, and we joined the HoH endurance competition already in progress.  The sea monster set is spectacular, with a moody and dangerous look and feel.  The landscape backdrop is everything.

They keep getting sprayed with those little green doohickeys.  Maybe they are supposed to be mini sea monsters, or maybe not, but they keep squirting each house guest with cold water.

James was very loud during the competition, shouting stuff like "bring it on" and "it ain't a wall challenge until you get wet".  He is positioned way down near the end, on the right, with Nicole right next to him.  The five Jurors are on the left side, right in the path of the scary monster.  The monster makes occasional hungry-sounding groans and growls.

Nicole and James smirk at each other.  Everyone seemed to understand that James was going to win, an understanding he perpetuated by his words and actions.  James feels that his skill set in this type of competition is his claim to fame, frequently mentioning this throughout the summer.

Paul is being very loud as well, and putting on quite a show out there.  Unfortunately, it's the kind of show that leads to FISH, as he keeps singing various songs, or speaking the lyrics.  For example, "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC, and "Feeling This" by Blink 182.  Two solid choices, but the fans have been waiting to see a long endurance competition on the live feeds, so we don't need this.

Paul:  AGAIN!  Hit us AGAIN with the water!

Not even 10 minutes in, and Nicole already looks like a meth head mugshot.  As a former player, and also a fairly emotional person, she should have known that waterproof mascara is a must.

Do they even make non-waterproof mascara anymore?  Are the latest Maybelline or Cover Girl products available in Ubly Michigan?

Nicole was mumbling to James that she didn't want to be one of the first people to jump off, doubting her ability to stay up there.

James was very loud as he told Nicole not to worry, that the "guys with the big muscles will fall first, because they do every year".

Paulie had quite a showing on the CBS episode, didn't he?  I really thought that Jury segment was BRUTAL.  I know those girls all had a reason to be angry with him, and I am the opposite of a Paulie Fan, but it was so damn harsh!  I thought Paulie was going to have a break down or something.

Paulie was standing on The Wall next to Victor, and I think he was genuinely happy to see him.  He certainly hugged Victor hard enough when he came in the house, didn't he?

Paulie:  That jury don't know....those three girls MURKED me for days!  Zee wouldn't even talk to me for three or four days.

Victor laughed, and later said that Paulie told him that Natalie and James used him to target Paulie, and then disposed of him afterwards.

Victor:  Paulie was after them, not me, so I did their dirty work by getting Paulie out then they wanted to get rid of me so both of us were gone.  They used me....I got boned again.

If you see two empty spaces on the The Wall in the picture below, it's because Zakiyah and Da'Vonne held hands and jumped off together.

What a HUGE disappointment.  I knew Zakiyah was worthless in the game, but I thought Da'Vonne wanted to win the money.  Even if she knew that she didn't have a chance to win, jumping off is such a weak, loser move.

The jump happened very suddenly, and the feeds went to FISH briefly so that Production could give them instructions.


Victor later said that Da'Vonne made some sort of eye contact with him before jumping, asking him if he "got this".

Standing and holding on with water squirting on you is hard, but what really makes standing on The Wall difficult is when it tilts forward.  And stays there.

Bridgette was obviously in trouble early on, because you could hear her singing a little song about liking mangos, and bananas.  She was struggling.  I was hoping she would have a good chance to get back in the game, due to her size.  This competition favors short people, because of arm placement.

Yes, arm placement.  James said last year there were three different pegs you could hold on to, but this year you had those wooden planks.  They aren't allowed to hook their arms behind the boards, but even if they could, the tall people are always at an extreme disadvantage here.  People always say that this comp should be scaled to each person's height, but then that would be unfair to everyone not built like a Cross Fit poster.

That's one reason I was pulling for Bridgette, because I didn't think Victor could hold on because of his height.

Corey dropped, hitting the water with a big Lurch-sized splash.  This was inevitable, because Corey is 6'5" -- he had virtually no leverage up there due to his size.

You might recall that after his eviction, Frank told Julie Chen that Corey was "like Lurch".  If you don't know, Lurch was a giant dude who was the butler for The Addams Family.  I don't remember him saying anything to anybody except "You rang?" (i.e. the doorbell).

I see a resemblance there.  And Lurch was a man of few words, too.  Just like Corey.

Corey made his way over to the seating area where Natalie and Michelle were perched, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Paul:  Can we talk about the Friendship Suicide that just happened up here?  What the hell was that?

The jump happened so quickly that no one up there saw it clearly, or understood what happened, except for maybe Victor, who didn't feel obligated to make small talk.

Victor was rather robotic up there, silently weathering the storm and the sea monster.  Paul and James were making non-stop chatter that was annoying to me, and I was just sitting here watching.  I can't imagine how irritated I would be if I was up there trying to hold on.

But I guess that's the point of the chatter, to psych the other competitors out.

Bridgette hung in there, humming and singing sporadically.  One of the girls on the sidelines asked how her ankle is, and Bridgette started to answer but basically indicated that it didn't feel great at the moment.

You could hear Paulie's teeth chattering loudly as the wall leaned forward.  If you look closely you can see Nicole peeping over there, trying to see the status of the remaining Jurors.  I think those shortie shorts that Paulie wears may have been a mistake.

Paul, after the cold water hit him: SHRINKAGE!

Bridgette lost her grip and dropped into the water. Everyone cheered for her and the cameras let us watch her crawl to the edge of the pool and climb over the edge (as opposed to the quitters who jumped).

The girls later said that Bridgette was wearing Converse sneakers, which get really slippery when wet, so it was hard for her to stand while The Wall tilted.  I think the fact that Converse are made of canvas, and not a waterproof material would make those shoes a bad choice, too.

There was an exciting moment when Paulie almost fell. He held himself in this position for a few seconds before straightening himself back up.

Victor later said that Paulie told him that he wanted Bridgette to drop so the two of them could "battle it out".  I think what Paulie was really concerned about is having to walk back in the house after having Bridgette beat him.

When he was still in the game, Paulie said COUNTLESS times that he wanted to leave Jury after the chance for any buyback was over.  Do you think he will do that?  He told Victor that the Jury House was really nice, and that they all had really nice bedrooms, but Da'Vonne had already claimed the Master Bedroom.  After the way those girls treated him, do you think he wants to go back there for another week alone with them?

I'm not a huge fan of the Quad View, because the sound becomes an echo chamber in my headphones, but I was trying to monitor all of the exciting action.

Natalie and Michelle were chattering nonstop about a variety of topics unrelated to the competition. Natalie said it was exciting because they both "got to do lines" as the Co-HoH's.  (i.e. they repeat lines given to them via an ear piece to narrate the action)  Natalie didn't seem too concerned with watching the action, to be honest.  And I didn't hear Corey call out too much encouragement for Nicole, either.

Did you get a load of the way Natalie greeted Victor when he came back in the house last night?  She wrapped her legs around him.  Victor was only gone for about 15 minutes, but that was long enough for Natalie to greet him like he was returning home from Iraq or something.

She put him on the block, and her "boyfriend" was the swing vote in getting rid of him, so I guess she felt that making reparations was in order.

After another steep tilt, Paulie fell with a dense splash, and you can see the celebration on the sidelines.


Paulie slowly splashed over to the side in his soggy shortie shorts and left the game in defeat.  I kept getting visual images of Paulie crying in the van on the way back to the Jury House, but of course I was running my own endurance competition, trying to stay awake on the East Coast so I could see this all play out.

Paul congratulated Victor for winning the right to return.

Victor:  I'm hurtin' though.

Paul, who is now being rather quiet:  Oh, we're all hurtin', homie.

A few moments later Victor fell, later admitting that he was just waiting for Paulie to drop.  He said that after Paulie nearly fell, he knew it was just a matter of time before Paulie was done for.

Victor:  He kept losing his hand grip and then scrambling to grab on again, so I knew.

So Victor won the battle, but not the war.  Yet.

As Victor strode through the water Corey said "just give him the half million".

Victor:  Do I get a T-shirt or anything for winning this?  Or maybe a notch on my Battle Back belt?

Natalie chattered NON-STOP with Victor on the sidelines, making it about herself, of course.

Natalie:  Victor I cried when you left....I was so sad to see you don't understand...I cried...

For the rest of the evening, whenever Victor heard those girls complaining about crap, he would say "I got evicted tonight...I don't want to hear about it".  Victor was very hungry, and made plans to "house some pepperoni pizzas" as soon as they could go back in the house.

Michelle told him about how Mike Boogie and Frank went inside to shower and eat during the same type of competition in BB14, but she omitted the part about how this resulted in Mike Boogie being evicted, since Ian Terry made a deal with Danielle Murphree up on The Wall after they left.

Victor: I'd go in there and put a pizza in the oven, if they let me.  And maybe take a hot shower, too.

Michelle still has her bottle of HoH Pinot Grigio and told Victor he could drink it.  She planned to bake brownies tonight, too, with her Ghiradelli brownie mix.

Victor:  Oh, please make hash brownies....please.  And I'll be glad to drink half of whatever you have Meech.

As far as the competition goes, after Victor dropped off, the whole competition story was about Paul, and whether he would drop before Nicole and James.

Paul stayed up there for a long, long time, but finally fell. leaving Nicole and James up there alone.

Nicole immediately started begging James to let her win, because she wanted to get a letter from her mom.  And when I say "begging", I really mean "BEGGING".  In a rather ANGRY fashion, with a real edge in her voice.

Nicole:  James I'm the ONLY one who hasn't gotten a letter from home.

James kept saying that he was a Have Not all week, and that was one of his main concerns, along with him and Natalie being safe.

Every time The Wall tilted, Nicole whined that she couldn't do it anymore, but yet she kept doing it.  Finally James asked for an assurance that he and Natalie would be safe, and Nicole said "yes, of course'.

So James fell, handing Nicole a victory.  But later Corey said that he could tell James was in pain, and that his shoulder was hurting him. (James' shoulder is still numb and tingling from his last endurance win earlier this season.)

James should have known better than to just give up like that.  He kept saying that he wanted to win tonight so he could have "4 Wall Wins", but the more interesting story might end up being that James Huling lost BB18 because he gave away a Wall victory to a whiner who screwed him.

POTENTIAL SPOILER:  Nicole might bounce that check she wrote up there, putting James on the block.  She and Corey made a Final Four deal with Paul and Victor in the wee hours of this morning.  I'm not sure I'd bank on that deal, but it sure looks like they're going to do it this week.

Nicole really wants Michelle out, due to her acumen with the mental competitions coming up in the Double Eviction, but I think James is probably going to take a seat up there with Big Meech.

Oh, and I feel like crap today because I ended up eating an entire container of this last night.  But I will feel a whole lot better before James will....

Victor is in This Video. #BB18

It's a younger, thinner Victor with short hair, and a few less tattoos.

He's wearing a red shirt.  Until he strips it off on-camera, that is.

The director knew what was up.

I wish the song was good, but maybe I'm just not into EDM.