Sunday, August 21, 2016

Will Victor Get Three Chances to Win the Game? #BB18

I was afraid this would happen.  Victor and Paul were put on the block by Natalie and Michelle, respectively, as Co-HoHs.  But then within hours, both girls regretted those nominations, and hatched a plan to have anyone but Nicole and Corey win the PoV, so that one of the guys could come off the block and have Corey nominated in his place, and voted out by James and whoever comes off the block.

Paul won the PoV, and will be saving himself in Monday's PoV ceremony.  You'd think a Victor Fan such as myself would be happy, right?

No, because James is now in Natalie's ear, greasing the skids for him to give Victor the boot.  Don't get me wrong, that's probably the right game move for James, and all of them, but I'm not happy about it.

These pictures were taken when Victor was working out in the wee hours of this morning.

Before you get all excited about Victor winning a competition to come back in the house, it's important to remember the last three "returning juror" competitions.

1.  BB17 - "Spinning Discs".  Johnny Mac won the right to come back in the game, and Vanessa won the overall HoH comp.  But the whole thing lasted about 10 minutes, and most of the jurors didn't seem to give a crap.   We've already seen this comp this season, so this comp will not happen Thursday.

2.  BB16 - The jurors came in the backyard on the live show and played a TOTAL CRAP SHOOT competition that seemed a little like an air hockey game.  Do I need to remind you that JOCOSTA nearly won that comp?  And no one's heart was pounding harder than Allison Grodner's, because NOBODY wanted that to happen.  Nicole actually won that comp.  I heard her talk about Zach playing this comp last week, saying that he was happy with the way he left the game, throwing Froot Loops on his way out of the house.  He didn't even want to come back. The returning juror comp this week might be a crap shoot-type of thing.

Remember when Jocosta grabbed Nicole and kissed her when she won?  I still feel like someone owes me an explanation for this.  And maybe an apology.

3.  BB15 -  This comp was really exciting, because all of the jurors, and also the remaining house guests played the same comp at the same time, which is similar to BB17's returning juror comp.  They all stood on "The Wall" and caught baseballs to win.  Judd won the right to return, and Elissa won the HoH.  The best thing about it was how salty the jurors were...when Jessie fell off and left to go back to the Jury House, she yelled "Fuck You Amanda", and the live feeders WENT WILD.  But what caused the FRENZY all over the internet about this comp was the speculation that Helen Kim was pushed.  (She later denied it, but it's more fun to believe the rumor...)

I think Production will be happy if anyone but Zakiyah comes back in, and I hate to say it, but I don't think they want Bridgette to return, either.  The most drama is going to go down if Da'Vonne, Paulie or Victor comes back.  But it is going to be a competition that anyone can win.

If the worst happens (i.e. Paulie comes back) we need to look forward to the little things, like the studio audience booing, or groaning.  Or even refraining from clapping or cheering would be significant to the remaining house guests, who will probably want to push the D.O.R. button and run screaming through the parking lot.

If Victor is evicted, and then wins the right to return to the house, I am going to want to bitch slap the first person who tells him that they evicted him because they knew he could beat Paulie in a jury buy back.  Nicole is going to say it first, I predict, since she was a previous winner of a jury buy back competition.

To do this move Victor actually rests his feet on the wall, and pulls himself up on the bar, keeping his core perfectly straight, which is the hard part.  I wonder if Victor was impressed that Mr. Pectacular knew that his Instagram name was "El Fit Vic"?

From another angle.  Victor makes it look easy, but this is incredibly hard to do.  I think I pulled my lower back muscles out just watching him.

This is a "row" type-thing, for shoulders and triceps.

And "shrugs", where you hold heavy weights and just shrug your shoulders up and down.

My high school sweetheart was a football player (offensive lineman) and he did bodybuilding in his spare time.  I actually went on a road trip to a bodybuilding competition with him and three other guys who were competing.  They all starve the week before the competition to "cut up" their bodies so the muscles are as visible as possible.  I was eating Doritos in the car and one of them said if I didn't stop crunching chips in front of him he would throw me out of the window.  But then the minute the competition was over we went to Wendy's and the guys ordered 15 double cheeseburgers and ate them all.  That part was fun to watch.  I was allowed to eat Doritos on the drive home, too.  Note that the bodybuilders eat the cheeseburgers plain, with no condiments, and they skip the fries.  I think Victor eats that way, too, to focus on protein and not all of the carbs.

Victor talked to us afterwards.  He said he really likes Michelle and that her sisters and Mom looked cool, too. He wants to visit them in Michigan.

Victor:  I think their names were Alex and Renee....I'm going to check on that, but they look cool.  And we'll go over to Michigan State, maybe party a little bit there, and then head to Canada.

(Alex and Renee are 16 and 19, respectively, and Victor stared at their picture when he saw it.  The whole family is beautiful.  And I've heard Victor say he'd rather go to Tulane college parties than out to bars.)

A few weeks ago I heard Michelle and Nicole talk about getting together to go to a Michigan State football game.  Michelle said her sister could hook them up with tickets (the sister who HATES Nicole per her Twitter postings).  Corey was being invited to this theoretical outing, and Michelle wonders if his bestie Michael Wacha would want to join them, too.  (Reach for the stars, Michelle.)

Victor:  I miss my family so bad.  And it really sucks to be be living in the HoH room two weeks in a row, and then have to use the bathroom downstairs.  It is DISGUSTING.  I am about to have to take a shower in there, but it is SO GROSS.

Victor has been eating slop mixed with salsa, but they have a salsa with black beans and corn.  He said it's not the best, but it's the best way for him to eat the slop.

Victor: And to think that I'm just a few weeks away from getting a $500K paycheck.  I'm almost there.

(Victor has no idea yet that he is the one getting evicted this week.  Neither do Paul or Michelle -- they all think they are going to blindside Corey.)

Victor:  If I win I want to invest some, help my parents get out of debt, and maybe take a vacation.  What about Paris?  Yes, I want to go with my parents, my sister and her man friend, and me and my girly friend.  I'll pay for it all Mom and Dad, so don't worry about that.

(Note that Victor says "girly friends" here, perhaps to signify that he's not locked in to a relationship.  As well he should. because he is going to get a lot of attention very soon, maybe more than he can handle.)

Victor:  I really like Corey, too, when he's alone.  But he's always with Nicole, and that really kills the fucking vibe in here.  I never get to talk to him anymore, because they're always cuddling, and hanging on each other.  I would love to visit him in Dallas and see what's up there.  And I'd like to visit Ubly, too.  There is a population of only 800, and I'd like to see what living in a town like that is all about....everybody knowing everybody....strange.

Victor told us that he used to work at the Sleep Center in Slidell, where he grew up.  He used to sell mattresses and deliver them, too.  And when he was in college he used to deliver the mattresses, too.  The guy who owned it was a good guy named Jeff that Victor used to play soccer with.

Nicole and Corey are finally reunited this week after three weeks of one or the other of them being a Have Not.

Here's what Nicole does...they kiss for a few minutes, then Nicole makes a statement in a normal-level voice that is designed to make us think that they are not kissing and making out.

For example:

Nicole:  I just want to give you a good night hug.

Corey, who didn't get the memo:  Are you going to sleep now?

Nicole, whispering: No.

This morning, Paul and Victor slept in while the rest of the cast gleefully discussed how Victor would be leaving this week.  Natalie has been crying about it, saying that she feels so bad, because Victor is a "great person" and has been really nice to her.

Nicole:  Look, he's the biggest competitor in this house.  He needs to go!  And there's no more chances for him after this Natalie, I promise.

(ha ha ha  Maybe Nicole should wear diapers on this week's live show.)

And Paul is taking a verbal beating out here, too.  Paul was apparently up all night and was acting frantic about everything.  I know Natalie wanted James to talk to him and tell him that she wanted to enjoy her HoH room without him in it all of the time.

Natalie: I feel like Paul always tries to talk to me about non-game things, to really get to my emotions.

( Natalie isn't the Queen of Non-Game Accusations.)

James told Natalie that Victor is a game-player, and he will understand her move to evict him.

James:  Victor lies, Natalie. He'd do it to you, but you're doing it to him first.  This is Big Brother.

Yesterday before the PoV I watched James tell Natalie that on their way out of the door, both Paul and Victor would leave the game respecting her decision, and would think she is a good game player.

(This is EXACTLY the right thing to say to influence Natalie.)

Nicole is still upset about Paul "yelling" at her yesterday.  I watched that scene, and I don't think Paul was being any louder to her than he is to anyone else.  He was challenging her on her bullcrap, though, and Nicole doesn't like that.

Corey came in the room all happy to be rid of his Patriot Tard, but Nicole and Paul were too immersed in their disagreement to even acknowledge him.  It was funny, and I'm sure we'll see it on the CBS show.  CBS is not shy about portraying Corey in an accurate light, let's just put it that way.  (Remember Corey's trippy declaration about liking Christmas?)

Corey:  I don't understand why everyone has to yell.

(Because humans have emotions, Corey.)

Hi Nicole.  You should know better than to make a face like this in front of the camera.

Nicole is really kissing James' ass today, and will likely keep it up right until the live vote on Thursday night.  Nicole might be going up on the block instead of Corey, but something crazy would need to happen before she is evicted instead of Victor.

Nicole:  James, it looks like you've lost weight.