Saturday, August 20, 2016

Today's Forecast: Scattered Frickin' Clouds and Bursts of Frickin' Tears. (If We're Frickin' Lucky.) #BB18

Friday was a big day around the house.  Michelle had no idea what was in store for her when she sat in the Nairobi Lounge, putting on her makeup.


When the Care Package touched down in the backyard, we were all shocked to find that Michelle won. The online contingent of fans seemed to be voting for Victor to win, but the viewers of the CBS show are the ones who pull the real weight....even if they don't vote 20 times each day like we did, there are over 7 million of them.

I really thought the TV People would vote for Paul, because that what Production seemed to be pushing with all of Paul's special edits last week.  You know, his dancing in the Diary Room, all of his Secret Service duties, and even giving letting him get Zingbot's closing Zing.

But that was all for naught, because Big Meech pulled out the win.

Michelle:  Thanks Reddit.

(Redditors certainly know Michelle, but the love-hate ratio seems to vary widely, usually tipping towards the negative side, particularly after her Co HoH nomination...)

Michelle announced that the Care Package benefit is that she gets to be the Co-HoH, enjoying all of the perks and prizes of Natalie's HoH reign.  We had several lengthy FISH sessions during this reveal, so I feel like we missed some action that may or may not have been interesting and entertaining.

(But you know I can always find something to say about just about everything that happens in that damn house.)