Friday, August 19, 2016

All That Hard Work Right Down the Drain. #BB18

I'm not sure what I think about the live show last night.  There certainly was a lot of filler, wasn't there?  Most of it was good filler, don't get me wrong. Like that great Jury House segment, and seeing the Brenchel baby.  That segment went a little long for my tastes, but it was better than watching more pie-baking.  The editors had their work cut out for them this week, trying to cut an edit that made it look like Paulie had a chance to stay.

While I was watching cute little Adora Villegas, I was thinking: Paulie doesn't have the Round Trip ticket, because if he did we'd be seeing some footage of more bad behavior last week, to really set up the "Paulie vs. Victor and Paul" story line.  I was relieved to see his one-way ticket, but was appalled by Paulie's behavior during the live show.  I think there's a pun in there somewhere.


*  That filibuster speech he recited went on....and on....and on.  I can't believe Julie didn't shut him down, or play him out with some music.  It was CRINGEWORTHY how he addressed every person, putting on some lame, cheesy Mr. Nice Guy show.  I heard the house guests say later that they can't believe Paulie wasn't interrupted by Julie, either.

*  And when he dipped Michelle I was actually concerned for her.  The view was very nearly pornographic....what would have happened if the worst happened there?  Would the network cut the live broadcast?  Was anybody going to step in and help Michelle?  I think Michelle handled it really well, because I was ALARMED.  She kind of laughed later and said no, they didn't rehearse that, but Natalie and Paul said it looked like they really kissed.  (They didn't.)

*  And the tone was "poor Michelle couldn't get a showmance, so I'll cut her a break here and slobber on her on my way out".  I was expecting Michelle to punch him as soon as she was right-side-up again.

*  Calling Julie "JULIE BABY", and PICKING HER UP OFF THE GROUND?  Paulie is so fucking weird...what made him think it was okay for him to do either of those things?  She is married to the CBS HEAD HONCHO for god's sake.

*  His whole persona just seemed so fake to me last night.  Maybe he had to put on some sort of veneer so he could get through it.  Clearly he was trying to act like it was his choice to leave somehow, that he was making the sacrifice himself or something.  Or maybe Paulie was trying to act the way he thinks a "normal" person would act.

*  Zakiyah is going to look even worse after she gets with him again in the Jury.  Because you know that is going to happen---she's not aware that Julie Chen just announced to America that the relationship has no chance of succeeding.

The Battle Back competition next week better be fair, and not just a cakewalk for the most physical competitor. Unless Victor is evicted this week, then by all means make it a brutal showdown.