Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stick a Fork in Him, Because He's Nearly Done. (Hopefully.) #BB18

I knew that providing Big Brother updates this week would really just be a series of updates about Paulie.  How Paulie is acting, what Paulie said, and what Paulie looked like.  I really hope this series ends with tonight's live CBS show, when Paulie is evicted by a unanimous vote.

He might have the Round Trip ticket, but I hope not.  I'm pretty sure Production is ready to close the door on him, too.  I wonder how they feel about their first experiment with casting siblings to play the game.  Do you think they'll give it a try in another season, with fresh siblings?  There was a lot for the live feeders to chew on, but much of the drama with both Paulie and Tiffany got minimal time on the CBS episodes.

OK. Let's get this over with.


Did you notice that they PoV speeches by Corey and Paulie, pleading to Victor the HoH to use the PoV to save them didn't air on the CBS show?  The only time the speeches aren't given some decent airtime is if one of the nominees for eviction won the PoV, but last night we didn't see either speech.

I wasn't expecting much from Corey's PoV speech, obviously.  I mean, because Corey.

But Paulie's speech is a different story.  After the PoV Ceremony on Monday afternoon, I saw Victor and Paul talking in hushed tones about what Paulie said in his speech.  Victor said he couldn't believe it, and they were kind of hush-hush about it, making various facial gestures.  Everyone knows that Paulie was very fragile and shaky this week---they all were handling him with kid gloves as it was obvious he was on the brink of some sort of episode.

But I wanted to know, so I put my thoughts out there.

Linda Jean had the info I was after, and her story checks out with all of the other conversations I caught pieces of on the live feeds.

There is no damn way CBS is going to air these desparate statements on the CBS episode, especially if they are true.   It's too much of an invasion of other people's privacy.  So they made the executive decision to cut the speeches.  Like I said, losing Corey's speech was likely no big loss.

Will Paulie try to use the same type of speech tonight on the live show?