Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pies, and Cries, and Outright Lies. #BB18

I'm just going to pretend that today didn't happen.  I am excited to see the Zingbot tonight on the CBS episode, kicking off his Presidential campaign with a few good zings.

There wasn't much going on on the live feeds today. They have all started sleeping most of the day, and last night wasn't very exciting, either.

When the house guests hear Zingbot sing "Oh Say Can You Zing", then Paulie knows it's time to make the pies.  They're going pretty easy on him though.  He was in the kitchen messing around and got the call to make a's not like they're getting him out of bed to bake or anything.

They only have two of the glass pie pans, so Paulie keeps throwing away a pie as soon as he is ready to make a new one.  Just so everyone knows, it's okay to store a pie in a different's still going to taste good.  Maybe even better, depending on your circumstances.

Paulie's bad haircut is just a memory at this point.  Except for being documented in all of the pictures on the internet, and on the two TV shows and all.  His hair grew back quickly, is my point.

And here is a close up of the Zingbot-brand apple pie filling. The Zingbot is going to need to disclose those earnings, though, or at least make his business tax returns public for campaign purposes. And he needs to be sure that the product is produced in a clean and ethical manner.  A Presidential candidate just can't slap their name on any old product and expect no ramifications.

Is CBS going to sell this, too?  They do have the nutritional information on the side of the can, and the bar code, too.  They really went the extra mile here with the props, so I'm glad Paulie finally decided to cooperate.  There may have been a stern discussion of Paulie's contractual issues and obligations in the DR, of course, but Paulie is indeed cooperating now.