Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Please Pass the Vomit Bag. #BB18

Late yesterday afternoon, Victor called everyone to the living for a special announcement.  They had been locked down in the house for most of the day, with the distinctive sound of building echoing from the backyard.  When the feeds came back a few minutes later, there was a flurry of energy and excitement.

And Michelle was curling her hair, getting all gussied up for something.

I think Natalie was the one who mentioned Ziggy Marley's name first, repeating several times that she just worked with him last year on one of her non-profit events in New York.  But Production told them several times not to talk about Ziggy Marley.

Natalie asked Paul if he knew who Ziggy Marley was, and he joked that he didn't know.  So Natalie said she can't believe that Paul doesn't know who Ziggy Marley was, and Production had to tell her not to talk about Ziggy Marley.

So, apparently Ziggy Marley was in the backyard last night. From the snippets of information I heard, there was to be some sort of carnival or fair in the backyard, with the opportunity to win prizes.  They did not think that the event was game related, so they looked forward to relaxing, and maybe getting a break from Paulie's frantic actions for a few hours.

And then trouble struck Natalie.  She somehow hurt her neck while she was just in the shower.  The Have Nots used to run the hot side of the shower while they were bathing on the cold side, but Production doesn't allow that anymore.  To help Nicole out, Natalie took a long hot shower so Nicole's cold shower would not be totally unbearable.  And that's how she hurt her neck.  I know she was in pain, but she was whining and crying about wanting to see her mom.  I'm sure it was A LOT for James to handle.

Natalie ended up taking FOUR Advils, and then another FOUR Advils a short time later, on top of whatever else was ingested in the backyard during the special event.  Of course she got very ill overnight and vomited while she was in bed.  With James helping her, of course.  So Natalie probably ruined the pain reliever situation for all current and future Big Brother house guests.  Any idiot knows you only take one Advil, or maybe two if you are a giant like Corey.

The night before, I watched Natalie throw a tantrum in bed with the covers over her head, pitching a fit at James because she is "so fat, can't lose weight and is trapped in this ugly body".  I hope James remembers this in October when he is brokenhearted over Natalie.

Sometimes the juice just isn't worth the squeeze, James.

Wil Heuser Presents - The Saga Episode 7 #BB18 #BB18Sag

Wil is back this week with another entertaining episode of The Saga.  Some of my personal highlights from this episode include:

*  Wil's legs...wow does he have a nice pair of stems.  I used to watch him running in the BB14 backyard and they look just as great now as they did then.

*  The PP Alliance looks just as stupid here as it does on the CBS show.

*  Paulie insults Natalie, and then clearly DGAF about it.

*  Michelle cries.  I'll bet she will LOVE her portrayal on Wil's Saga series.

*  Corey's darting Cyborg eyes.

*  And Bridgette gets a reprise from her Cabbage Patch Kid song.

Wil was a guest on RHAP during BB16, and Rob asked him why he hadn't been featuring Nicole, since she seemed so easy to poke fun at.  Wil said he couldn't figure out how to "do" her, and then finally he used Scotch tape on his nose and it all fell into place for him.  And it does here, too.