Monday, August 15, 2016

The Executive Takes Out the Trash. #BB18

This picture was taken a thousand years ago, when Cody's Big Brother was joining the cast of Big Brother.  He seemed sweet, if not a little goofy and dorky. And cheesy, too, telling Julie Chen on live TV that he hoped to receive a few "snapbacks" in his HoH basket.

I was like, WTF is a "snapback"?  I had to look it up on Google. Apparently a "snapback" is a hat.

This is Paulie's Twitter account, apparently. It's private at the moment, and I suspect it always will be, given the circumstances.  I don't understand the picture, because Paulie said he doesn't model anymore.  Doesn't he co-own a business with the goal to teach kids how to play soccer?  Shouldn't he be holding a soccer ball or maybe even be kicking a soccer ball in his picture?

Anyway, Paulie's twitter intro tells us that "Men are not prisoners of fate.  Only prisoners of their own minds".  Paulie's current dilemma in the house is that he does not want to be a prisoner in the Jury House because he is claustrophobic, and because he is now sharing that "his aunt is dying of cancer".  If his aunt is indeed ill, then I am sorry for her.  But I am not sorry for Paulie.

The PoV Ceremony just took place, and as expected, Victor did not use the PoV.  Paulie and Corey are still on the block, and will both face eviction on Thursday night.  He's babbling a lot now, talking about how he might be able to stay in the Jury house for 3 weeks, or maybe even 4 weeks, but not 5 weeks.  He'd rather go home rather than be stuck in the Jury house that long.

Nicole could probably give a damn, but she is trying to be supportive, telling Paulie that it didn't seem that long when she was in Jury, and that she had a great time in there.  Paulie seems to have forgotten about Zakiyah, or if he remembers he doesn't seem to care.  He also "jokes" about wanting everyone to open up their Secret Envelopes, since they expire this Thursday anyway. He wants to see if he has the Round Trip ticket, but what he's not saying is that if he indeed has it, then Corey would be the one evicted this week.

One reason why I took this picture is to show you the neat containers of sunflower seeds on the counter there.  Victor actually took all of the many dishes of sunflower seeds on display and consolidated them neatly.

Yesterday Cody got very teary and reflective about his situation. James sat and listened to him, but Paulie later tried to make a deal with Victor to take someone off the block and put James or Natalie up in their place.

Paulie is very, very worried about seeing the goodbye messages from the other house guests.

At least he's going home with a spanking new Zingbot snapback.