Sunday, August 14, 2016

PoV Aftermath - Who Says There is No Justice in America? #BB18

This was the "Prizes and Punishments" PoV competition.  It was also the Zingbot PoV, so many iconic Big Brother moments happened yesterday in the house.  We kind of knew it was going to be the Zingbot week, because he was hanging around in the audience for the last live show, holding up a political sign.  Apparently the Zingbot is running for President, and that was the theme of the competition.

They had to get up on a podium to "take shots" using some sort of a catapult and beanbags.  James said he won the comp last season, but I can't remember what that was all about.

And they all got cute Zingbot logo T-shirts and hats that say "Zingbot for President".  I'll bet they can sell some of that merchandise this week, if they advertise it for sale during the CBS episode.  They probably learned their lesson after those "Gronk Party" T-shirts last year.

(After Gronk's people saw the T-shirts on TV, they made Production get all of the T-shirts back from the house guests, because Gronk didn't approve his name being used like that.)


Victor - PoV Winner
Nicole - Won trip for two, "anywhere" in the US
James -  Won $5,000
Paul -    Has to perform security clearances of the houseguests and also sections of the house for one week.
Corey - Has to wear a Patriot Tard for the week
Paulie - Has to bake apple pies on demand for a certain period of time


Here is a summary of the Zingbot's various Zings for the house guests:

Paul:  Paul, you have given us many catchphrases.....your boy...friendship...pissed.  Well I have a catchphrase for you...SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Victor:  Victor I'm trying to think of the perfect Zing, but it's better if I speak in Spanish...then the Zingbot said "Victor, you are a douchebag" in Spanish.

Corey:  Something about how he can't sweep Nicole off her feet, because Hayden already did.  Corey thought it was weak, and afterwards expressed several times that he was surprised that being in a showmance was mentioned twice.  (in his Zing and also Nicole's)

James:  Something about how it must hurt to look at yourself in the mirror, or maybe how Natalie's family won't like him. James said they didn't have much to go on for him, admitting he's short, so what.

Nicole: Something about having no shot to win the game, and throwing it for Corey.  She later said she was happy about it, since it made her sound weak in the game.

Paulie:  Unknown, but might have been about Cody and Derrick.

Michelle:  Something about crying and throwing up.  She said she liked it and wants us to be surprised when we hear it.

Natalie:  Unknown, but she said they knew better than to pick on her appearance, because she would have cried.

The Jersey Boy Got Got. #BB18

Yesterday was another PoV Saturday, with some big stakes this week.  Victor is the HoH, and he boldly put up Corey and Paulie on the block, causing a seismic shift that continues to ripple and cause cracks in relationships.

The players for the PoV were as follows:

Victor - HoH
Corey - Nominated for eviction
Paulie - Nominated for eviction
Nicole - Random selection?
Paul -  Random selection?
James - Picked by Paulie

There is some speculation that the PoV will entail the Zingbot and perhaps a few of his family members, or the "BB Comics" competition that is so much fun to hear about later.

(Remember when Zach Rance had a tantrum during this comp during BB16?)

Paulie thinks only Victor will win the PoV and keep the nominations the same.  He thinks Corey would save himself, but everyone else would save Paulie.

Wrong.  They all want to evict Paulie this week, but if he does win the PoV they will then make Corey the target.  It is unclear what Corey thinks about much of this, but he can't be thinking anything good.


The house guests came down from the HoH room to find that the Have Not foods this week are Sunflower Seeds and corn on the cob. Paulie immediately starts being loud, saying that he hates corn, because it has no nutritional value.

Paulie:  I hate it.  Never eat it.

Everyone was excited about the sunflower seeds, but corn on the cob's reputation took kind of a hit out today, perhaps even slandered. There was much talk about how corn shouldn't be considered a vegetable, but a common "carb", (Nicole), and that the corn would be going in one end and coming out the other very quickly (almost all the guys).

Victor gathered everyone to read the message, stating they could enjoy all of the corn and seeds they'd like this week, just like a squirrel.  The Have Nots were announced to be the first three house guests eliminated from the HoH competition, a Knock Out competition that will air on the Sunday CBS episode.

Victor:  The Have Nots are Nicole, Michelle and Natalie.  Since Natalie has the Never Not Pass, she will not be a Have Not.

Nicole quickly reacted with surprise and irritation.  She was under the impression she didn't need to worry about this because the Care Package power she got was safety "from everything".

Note that Nicole will be dressed as a Safety Cone this week, sort of like a Day Glo Witch.  You know, with the pointy hat and all.  She said the whole garb is quite a chore to get in and out of, since she has the cape and the vest to deal with in addition to the unitard.

Corey is very angry about this....he thinks Nicole should march right in the DR and ask them to clarify her understanding of the prize she won.  Before Corey suggested that, he told her she should "eat drink and sleep where ever she wants to", because even if she's not supposed to do that, she is safe this week.

Who knew Corey was such a rebel?  He has been in the Have Not room for two weeks, so Nicole having to lengthen that stretch to three weeks apart is a complaint for both of them.

Nicole:  No, I don't want to make them mad.  And I want to follow the rules.

Corey: Just go in there and tell them how you interpreted the card.

They looked at the card and scoffed at what it says now, with just a few words, and no conditions about the meaning.

Victor:  What, you're not happy with being safe Nicole?

(Victor would nominate Nicole in a HEARTBEAT if he could this week.)