Friday, August 12, 2016

Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead. #BB18

What a rollercoaster last night's Double Eviction was.....the fans really went on a ride.  A few of the notable happenings for me:

1.  I was extremely disappointed that the house guests were obviously informed in advance that Zakiyah would be the one leaving.  Nicole said as much when she begrudgingly voted to evict Michelle, anyway, even though she knew her vote wouldn't count.  I heard Paulie say later that James told him what the eviction results would be.  So, James ruined what could have been ANOTHER great blindside.  Damn him. (Keep reading...more info about this is to come.)

2.  I can't wait to see some of the footage of the pre-show interactions on the Sunday night CBS episode.  Michelle said something directed at Paulie about not being interrupted "this time", so I hope that means we can expect more of Big Meech Unleashed on Sunday night.

Julie did an interview where she spilled some of the information about what happened behind the scenes.  We're in for a treat on Sunday, even if they have to bleep half of the conversation.  There were quite a few expletives blurted out on the live show, too, involving Paulie.  I've heard him say he's already been spoken to in the DR about saying the Eff Word around the house, in normal conversation.