Thursday, August 11, 2016

Big Meech Unleashed - It's a Revenge-Type-Thing. #BB18  We've been waiting and waiting for some people to start playing the game in the BB18 house, and it's finally happening.  It's a little messy, but it's happening.

Here's what you need to know before we continue:

1.  Zakiyah was expected to stay this week, but the tables turned on Paulie this week, and now the peasants have organized a real Coup d'Etat against King Paulie.

2.  Unable to just sit back and let the drama unfold, Natalie has unfortunately decided to insert herself in a big way, making her alleged claims of Paulie hitting on her all summer the focal point of the house.

3.  Natalie sat down with Zakiyah and told her tale of Paulie's suggestive comments towards her, etc.  She made Zakiyah cry, but surely this news was not New News for Zee...she has heard Paulie call Natalie "F.T." for weeks now and never stepped in to say it is inappropriate.  (I'm not sure Natalie even knows about that part, though.)

4.  Natalie then chose to confront Paulie about this, and things got ugly, with him berating her and overtalking her in front of a group of his minions (both real and fake at this point), then RAILING about it for HOURS.

Note that Natalie didn't need to do all of this....she likes to be the center of attention and of course is very proud to be instrumental in her role of bringing Paulie down this week, but once she accomplished that she should have "Known her Role and Shut Her Hole", in my opinion.  Because now Zakiyah has gone back and told Paulie everything Natalie said, and it's coming back on James, creating a bigger target on him as well.

And now, on with the show.  You won't be disappointed with this one.