Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Karma Just Might be a Big Bitch This Week. #BB18

There is so much going on right now that I don't even know where to start.  So I'll just begin, and try to cover the main things we all need to know.

Natalie and Bridgette admitted to each other yesterday that they both want to keep Michelle, rather than Zakiyah, and Natalie has always been suspicious of Paulie.  Natalie has been trying to plant seeds with James for a few days now, saying that Paulie is running the house and everyone is just going to let him win. I turn on my live feeds this morning on the East Coast, and there is a London Bedroom meeting in full swing, and there is a rather joyous mood in the room, as this group plans to flip the vote to save Michelle, but more importantly, to SCREW PAULIE over.

Natalie talked about her financial situation, and how she took such a huge risk to go on this show.

Natalie: My finances are bad....and my bills were getting paid late...and all I've been saying is that I need to make the Jury, and then I'll start blowing stuff up in here.  I've been working really hard to save you and Bridgette both have...I've been working on James for days now.

Michelle:  Oh me too!  I'm so grateful to you both.  I"ll never forget it.

Michelle pointed out that Paulie told people to watch what they said to Paul, because he had a tendency to blab info to everyone, and how Paulie compared Paul to a puppy who just needed a pat on the head to keep him happy.

Paul:  Well, we've all been dee-hayed, and me the most, learning all of this.

Natalie:  And you all thought I was an idiot.  There's no going back after this Paul.  You were down and out and all alone in here, and he scooped you up and made you trust him.  I grew up with nothing...I don't know anything about this game, but I know what's going on in here.

Michelle:  That's what we need in the game sometimes...someone with a different perspective.  America's gonna love a power shift.