Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 6 #BB18 #BB18Saga

Wil is back with a new episode this week, and it's safe to say that Wil is not liking the way the season is shaping up.  As usual, Wil is not digging Julie Chen's sartorial choices, but we do get to see a few house guests that have not received much attention from Wil this summer.

*  Michelle  - Big Meech melts down
*  Natalie - Wil captures her chatter quite accurately.
*  Corey - uh.....yeah.

I know I never did post last week's episode of The Saga---I saw it, but I didn't like it.  I just watched it again, and disliked it even more, but here it is if you want to see for yourself.  Instead of telling you what I liked, I will tell you what I didn't like.

*  Frank was made to be boring as fuck while sitting with Julie.
*  Why feature Frankie Grande if you're not going to make fun of him?
*  Why no mention of Frankie on Celebrity BBUK?  There is SO MUCH for Wil to work with regarding that topic.
*  The Bridgette-Michelle "smackdown" bored me.
*  Why Meg?  Why not Mike Boogie, if he was trying to tie it in with Frank?

Sorry to be a semi-hater.  Perhaps I should lower my expectations.

Honor. Integrity. Total Bullshit. #BB18

Before we get started here, I want to make sure that you know that Paulie frequently recites this credo when he's meeting with "his boys".


And this is frequently followed by a fist bump among the dudes in attendance.  Never females...always the guys in the house.  Yes, this is going to be another post detailing Paulie Califiore's bad behavior, but frankly, that is the main story of the last 24 hours.  I'm not happy about it, and I'm not looking forward to it, but here we go.

Before we begin though, I want to remind everyone about what Paulie told Big Jeff during their pre-season interview.  I lot of house guests say stuff like this, but Paulie literally meant it.  And it makes even more sense given the comments Paulie has made this season about how his dad monitor's Cody's fan mail, and also his social media accounts to protect him from the smacktalking and also the threats.

(If sweet little Cody got threats, I can't even imagine what Paulie's situation is going to be.  Maybe Mr. Califiore should hire an intern or something to assist him this year.)

Yesterday evening, Paulie, Paul and Zakiyah were having a conversation about modeling while they sat in the shade of the backyard.

Zakiyah reported that before coming in the house this summer, she had interest from "a few agencies". Paul then started talking about Wilhelmina Models, saying that he can see Zee fitting in with their stable of models with exotic-looking features.

Paulie, with a tone in his voice: I don't model anymore.

He then mentioned seeing an article on "some website" about him and his brother earlier this summer, but he did not elaborate on the situation beyond that.