Monday, August 8, 2016

Her Knight in Shining Harm(s) Her. #BB18

(I know that title is a stretch, but I'm tired of trying to make it work.)

As expected, Paulie did not use the PoV, leaving both Zakiyah and Michelle on the block for eviction. Paulie hugged Paul when it was over, but maybe we missed Paulie giving Zakiyah a hug before the live feeds came back.

But I think this is Zakiyah waiting for that hug, or even some sort of acknowledgment from her alleged "showmance".

But once Paulie made his way to the kitchen, she must have realized that no hug was coming, so she went back to the bathroom where Michelle was waiting to chat about what just happened.

(What in the hell is Natalie wearing?)

Michelle:  Do you think you're gonna talk to him about it? (i.e. Paulie not saving her)

Zakiyah: I don't know.