Sunday, August 7, 2016

PoV Aftermath - A Big Mess for the Damsels in Distress. #BB18

Well, the PoV results were pretty predictable, since the winner was "bred for this".  As expected by the fans, the PoV competition was the "Go Find a Veto", because the backyard was open on Friday night, indicating that the competition set up  on Saturday would be minimal.

Basically, the competition entails each player entering the house alone, while everyone else waits in the backyard. (I think the non-players waited in the HoH suite, where Corey slept for hours.)  The players would hide a "veto" under the competition rules, which included staying on the first floor of the house, and not putting it behind bedroom furniture.  The hiding place also had to be accessible within 15 seconds, or something like that.  After all "vetos" were hidden, the house guests each got a specific period of time to run through the house alone to "find the vetos".

The house got TORE UP during this process, as it usually does.  And as usual, some people had feelings about it.  And it took HOURS, as they had to go through many, many rounds of play.  No one ever found where Paulie hid his "veto".

All of the house guests are all busy picking up the clutter, and letting people know they found their stuff.  Except Paulie...maybe he did that, but I didn't see it.  I just saw him PAINSTAKINGLY folding his belongings, including spending nearly 30 seconds smoothing and folding one damn red bandanna.  I've heard Paulie say that he has OCD a number of times, but I think Paulie was stalling here, making his cleanup efforts an individual project, rather than a group project.

Can you see Paul wearing a pool floatie around his waist, and a Lifeguard shirt?  The theme must have been a beach or pool theme, since he was the host.

Paul:  It's all in good fun.  If I had been playing, I would have fucked more shit up....maybe poured milk all over the floor.  But thank god my leather jacket is hanging up in the storage room....if someone had fucked that up I'd be livid.