Friday, August 5, 2016

Live Show Aftermath: The Executive Takes Office. #BB18

Well, it was quite a night, wasn't it?  Like many fans, I truly believed that Da'Vonne's #8 envelope would be sending her back into the house, setting the stage for revenge and drama.  But that didn't happen, of course.  Since CBS hasn't mentioned the numbers on the envelopes at all, I don't think they are significant to the game, after all.  I think they just used those numbers so that they would know who has it, so they can prepare the HoH competition for an extra player, if necessary.

At least Da'Vonne made it to the Jury this time, earning the second guaranteed payment per her contract.  And I like how she dropped some information on Victor on her way out, about how "they" plan to evict him during the Double Eviction.

I'm not sure who Da'Vonne was referring to as "they", but I have heard Paul, Paulie and Corey talk about targeting Victor after August 18th, when the Secret Room envelopes expire.  They don't want to take a chance on Victor coming back into the house twice.

So who has the Round Trip ticket?  It could be anybody, now.  I feel like I don't have anybody to root for anymore, a realistic candidate to win the game.  But maybe that will change.  I always have hope.

And we have a new HoH, of course, after a grueling battle that lasted nearly two hours.