Thursday, August 4, 2016

Welcome to the Have No Dignity Room. #BB18

So, you should all know by now that Zakiyah's main objective in the Big Brother house this summer seems to be to get attention from Paulie, no matter the cost to her dignity or reputation.

(In fact, we just discussed this yesterday, and also last week, but the casual CBS viewers are just learning about it now, since footage of this situation was finally aired on last night's show.  And yes, Paulie's behavior towards Zakiyah is poor, but she is the one pursuing him, even though he's made it QUITE CLEAR that he is not interested.)

Yesterday was the cast Halfway Party, where they drank and ate pizza and danced to loud music for an hour or two, enjoying a break from the live feeds.  But nearly 3 hours after that party ended, Zakiyah was at it again, draping herself all over Paulie, mumbling to him, fishing for compliments about her "massage" services.

Across the room Nicole kept whining at Corey that his cuddling has really declined lately...he's just not cuddling her as much, or as often as she'd like.  But the teasing was in good fun, and despite the picture below, the NiCorey situation was pretty wholesome and light.  (Because after all, Corey can't get too comfortable in there....he's expected back in his bumper car before he even thinks about falling asleep.)

But across the room, Zakiyah is full of innuendos, as if Paulie isn't getting enough clues from the fact that she is straddling and grinding on him, wearing only panties and a shirt under that blanket.

Zee:, has anybody else ever cracked your back like that?  Cracked it that good?

Paulie:  Um...I'm not really sure if I'm picking up what you're putting down...

Zee:  Then just leave it there then.

Paulie:  If I cracked your back, you wouldn't be walking for days.