Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Locked Up - Forty-Eight Days In. #BB18

I turned on the live feeds this morning and saw Corey wandering around alone in the kitchen, looking confused.  Turns out he was trying to make a pot of coffee.  He stood and stared at the machine for a few minutes.  At one point he opened up the top and apparently there were used coffee grounds inside, so he got a spoon and started removing them, making a little pile on a napkin.  Then he figured out that he could lift out the gold filter and empty the grounds that way.

Paul and his boyfriend Paulie came downstairs, and were surprised that the backyard was locked down.  There is a lot of sawing, drilling and pounding sounds coming from the backyard, so they know something is going on out there.

I'm thinking it is probably some sort of luxury competition, but I guess it's possible that they are locked down a day early for this week's HoH competition.  Corey said that they came over the intercom and asked that all laundry in the backyard be brought inside before the gate came down.

Corey admits that he's never made coffee before, so Paulie had to tell him which button to push to get things going.  It was not clear whether Corey had never made coffee in the BB house, or ever.  I'm thinking Corey might be a Starbucks guy, like many in his generation, wasting tons of disposable cash in search of a caffeine fix.

Corey didn't comment on Paulie's attire, so Paulie brought it up, saying that he was wearing Zakiyah's cropped sweatshirt.  He can't wait to shave his beard off, but is waiting for Production to give him the okay to do it on Thursday, before the live show.  I also heard Victor say he is miserable with his facial hair, but so far Production has not allowed him to shave the beard.  He said he's never had a beard before now, and that they wouldn't even let him shave it after he was evicted, in sequester.

Corey:  You know what's weird?  Day never talks to me, and she came in the room last night to ask me and Nicole if she had our vote.

After some of Zakiyah's comments she's been making after the PoV Ceremony, Paulie says he doesn't plan to tell her any game information anymore, and Corey agreed.  Paulie also reported that despite Zee's protestations, he told her he will never discuss his past relationships in the BB house, and will not answer any questions she has about his promiscuity at home.

Paulie:  I'm not going to tell her how many women I meet out, or what I do with them.  Never.

Meanwhile, Zakiyah is apparently sleeping in her bumper car, trying to get a little privacy.  And if history is our guide, she's probably mad about something under there, most likely something Paulie did, or did not do.

Paulie went in there to sleep, but this time he stayed in the relative safety of his own bumper car.