Monday, August 1, 2016

Let It Go....Let it Go..... #BB18

The PoV Ceremony occurred this morning, and as expected Paulie used the PoV to save himself, and then Paulie's subordinate Paul nominated Da'Vonne in Paulie's place.

The fix is in to blindside Da'Vonne, and has been ever since Paul won HoH and Paulie started bossing him in this direction. As you might expect, Da'Vonne was not happy about being nominated.


Bridgette got to work yesterday sorting out bowls of trail mix to pluck out the pieces of chocolate, I think.  She planned to make some slop granola bars for Corey, but unfortunately I didn't get to see the end product.

Before Frank left, he told Bridgette to just bake and then stay out of things, to let someone else become the next target in the house.  That was good advice, but it's probably what Bridgette would have done, anyway, under the circumstances.  I've heard the girls say it seems like Bridgette sleeps all of the time now, and they feel badly about that.  Da'Vonne said she saw Bridgette come out of the DR with a napkin crumpled up in her hand, and that is sad, but Michelle pointed out that Frank and Bridgette were the ones who isolated themselves.

Do you think Bridgette really hurt her knee in the PoV competition?  I guess we'll see on the Wednesday CBS episode, but having that injury, or just the threat of it, is helping her case with the guys.  Paul and Paulie have discussed how Bridgette's potential to win a competition might be impacted by the injury.  So between that and wanting to use Bridgette's votes as a number for them right now, the heat on our favorite Cabbage Patch Kid has lifted quite a bit.

James, Paul, Paulie and Zakiyah had a long conversation in the HoH room.  Zee said that Luther Vandross is her cousin on her mother's side of the family, but she had to explain to at least one of them who Luther Vandross is (a famous singer with lots of R&B hits).

Zakiyah also referred to her "donor's side of the family", which must refer to her biological father, right?  I also heard her tell someone recently that her father had children with 4 different women, and that her mother was "#2".

James talked about what to expect when they are all released into the the real world, and what it's like to get your phone back.  Paulie put a 6-digit password code on his phone that makes some sort of pattern.  He has already forgotten it, and  knows he will get 10 tries to get it right before his phone is erased.

James:  The emails start coming, and coming...

Zakiyah:  What, people just make the email address?

James:  No.  People get your real email address by googling you.

(To his credit, James did not add the word "dummy" to the end of that sentence.)

When the guys wanted to hear what will be waiting on their phones after being in the house for so long, James chose to answer by telling them how he and Meg texted each other constantly for several months, saying "how are you doing" and such as I assume they watched the CBS episodes or scoured the internet for information about BB17.

(James recently gave this texting as one of the reasons he felt Meg led him on.)

Paul wanted to know what the Jury House was like, and James said it can be "as blast as you want it to be", and then he commented that it could be a lot more fun, and made a gesture towards Zakiyah, indicating that action could be had in the Jury House.

Paul:  So I'll just be beating off.  I'm into it.

Paulie:  Don't worry....I'l give you a "bloj".....ha ha ha...just kidding!

(Um....not sure I believe that Paulie.)

(Why would he even SAY that?)

Paul: Isn't there hostility in the Jury House though?

James, thinking:  No, not really.  Shelli is the only one who threw some shade around now and then.

Zakiyah:  I never cared for the girl, personally.

James:  Like with OTEV.  We would be sitting around and talking about playing OTEV and Shelli would say "I wouldn't know about OTEV, because you guys voted me out".

Paulie said that Cody liked Jackie last year, and thought she was cute, but then he realized he meant Becky, not Jackie.  He said that Cody thought Becky was drop-dead gorgeous, and that her surgeon who put her back together after the train accident did a great job.

(Something tells me Paulie means that HE thought that, not just Cody, but can't admit that in front of Zakiyah, the Potential Bunny Boiler.)

James said Becky showed them all pictures of what she looked like after the accident, and James was amazed at her transformation.  Zakiyah, true to character, started shading Becky by asking questions about how the accident happened, wondering if Becky was being careless, or reckless, etc.

(Obviously Zakiyah didn't read this informative post by yours truly last year.)

James said that when he visited New York City, Meg wanted him to stand at the edge of the Subway platform so that the train would whoosh right by him.  James didn't want to do it, but watched Meg do it, and all of the wind that blew her hair back.  Paulie said he's seen people do that, but he would never stand there on purpose, because something could happen to make you trip, or jostle you, etc.  (Paulie is as he says, not what Meg says about this.)

James:  Meg is kind of a bad ass.

Paulie: I've met Meg, like three times, and I wouldn't mess with that.

Paulie also said that Cody likes Porsche Briggs from BB14, and that he enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan, Mike Boogie and Johnny Mac.

(Probably at the BB16 Finale festivities, and also Meg's charity event she held in NYC last year.)