Sunday, July 31, 2016

Everybody in the House is Getting Tipsy. #BB18

So I think the PoV competition was the "Ready Set Whoa" HoH competition from last year.  Paulie won it, and said that his skills "getting started quickly" came in handy.  That HoH competition had a lot of technical difficulties last year...the live feeders were all complaining because so much of it was not shown.

However, compared to this season's total shut out of any HoH competition action on the live feeds, we actually  had nothing to complain about, but hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

Zakiyah has a habit of putting her makeup on looking into her compact mirror, so she probably won't have any awkward close up makeup shots like these.

So ladies, if you are planning to apply to be on Big Brother, you might as well learn to put your makeup on like Zakiyah.  Just a suggestion.

These pictures were taken in the morning, as everyone scrambled to get ready for the PoV player pick ceremony.  They got called for it much earlier than they usually do, and wondered what that could mean.

Victor hurt his neck somehow and Nicole put some Icy Hot on it for him, rubbing it in well.

That little unicorn sticker on Victor's cheekbone is really hanging in there---Natalie put that sticker on him last night.

Later, in the hour before BBAD started, the house guests got a liquor delivery, and Paul decided to drink his HoH booze along with everybody else.  Production hasn't given them very much alcohol this season.  According to the house guests, the night of the Outback Steak dinner was the last time they got a booze delivery.

Apparently Michelle got very sick, and they think this is the primary reason they've all been on the wagon.  Michelle said she was ill because of the steak she ate, after not eating meat for 4 years.  But we all saw how wasted she was....I think that is the reason why she vomited.

Victor cracked a beer and tipped it up, ready to get his drink on.   Watching this, I was immediately reminded of how greedy Victor was with the beer in the days just before he got evicted.  At the time, I thought he had a sinking feeling that he was leaving, and was just adopting an "I don't give a shit" attitude about the situation.

But I think Victor just isn't someone who likes to share.  I heard a drunken Nicole complain later that Victor grabbed her almost-empty bottle of beer and drank it.  But from the looks and sounds of things, Victor may have done Nicole a favor.  She was tipsy enough as it was, sort of a high-school type of buzz, where Corey had to walk her through taking bites of food later.  I heard her say that this was the "drunkest she's ever been in the BB house.".

Even Da'Vonne was going to drink last night, and that rarely happens.  I think she was going to drink wine, and she wanted it really cold, so she put her glass in the fridge and even put ice in there, I think.

Da'Vonne:  Now this would be the perfect time for them to put a 6'7" handsome chocolate man in here for me.

Someone asked, what about Devin?  Da'Vonne snorted and said he was handsome, but....