Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just Like Camping, This is Intense. #BB18

The house guests were locked in the HoH room this morning for what seemed like a very long time while Production set up the Have Not food table.  On Friday I thought the Have Not foods were going to be hot dog, bacon and capers, but that was just what the house guests were guessing.

Each week the Have Not foods have correlated to the theme of the HoH competition, or at least the background decor, so apparently the theme this week is camping.

The foods are marshmallows and trail mix, and the house guests were whooping with joy as soon as they could see the table over the railing.

Nicole:  Bridgette!  Marshmallows!

(So Bridgette can bake with them, of course.)

Corey is excited to see the trail mix, since it will have protein for him with the nuts.  It sounds like some of the packages of trail mix contain chocolate and peanut butter covered marshmallows, so he is thrilled about that.

Corey: I'll be eating this stuff all day!  I'll probably gain weight this week!  Carb city!

Paul reads the instruction card, which says that due to having the lowest scores, this week's Have Nots are Natalie, Paulie, Zakiyah and Corey.

Paul: However, since Natalie won the Never Not Pass, she will not be a Have Not this week.

Paulie didn't say much about it, but he didn't seem upset.  I'm sure being stuck in that Have Not room with Zakiyah is going to be a real chore this week for both of the guys, because the thrill is definitely gone for Paulie in that relationship.

And Zakiyah isn't handling things very stay tuned for that.

Michelle and Natalie pick at and snack on the new treats, with Victor's picture silently watching them, counting all of those carbs.  Everyone agrees that some of those marshmallows are big daddies.

Paulie looks like he's gained weight already in this picture. It's probably the angle.  Yesterday Corey went in the kitchen wearing a T-shirt and Paulie asked him what the hell was going on....Corey doesn't wear shirts in the house.

Corey:  I just felt like a change.

The PoV will be played later today, and the players are as follows:

Paul - HoH
Paulie - nominated for eviction
Bridgette - nominated for eviction
Victor - Paulie's pick
Natalie - random pick?
Corey - random pick?

PoV Host - Nicole

Both Paul and his boss Paulie told Bridgette that if she wins PoV and takes herself off the block, Da'Vonne will go up and out in her place.  And if Paulie wins and gets taken off the block, Da'Vonne will also go up and out.

Paulie: So either way Bridgette, you're not going home.  Day is going home.

(Um...unless Paulie goes home.  I don't see anybody talking about that, but that doesn't mean it can't happen.  Thursday is at least a month away, in BBT.)

Nicole, Bridgette and Corey sat and had a nice chat about the nursing profession.  Nicole wanted to sign up to be a traveling nurse, but when she looked into it they said she needed a year of experience.

Nicole:  And that year would be up in August, so they're going to start contacting me soon about it.

Nicole is ready for a change, and doesn't want to "get trapped in Michigan".  One of her friends works in a hospital where everyone hooks up with each other, just like Grey's Anatomy.

Bridgette - Yeah, it's like that at our hospital......the Christmas party was off the chain!

Nicole:  Even the married people do it!  And then they come back from break with their hair all messed up!  They don't do that in my hospital.

(Nicole is so naive. That's actually part of her charm.)