Friday, July 29, 2016

Slow Your Roll, Son. #BB18

I took a mental health break after last night's live show but I'm back now, trying to get up to speed with the current situation in the house.

I'm sure you know by now that Your Boy Paul won HoH by rolling a score of 21. He's not my boy, of course, but he won the HoH anyway.  That was a strange situation last night, watching the house guests practice on live TV.  There is a lot of chatter online about that, but I think it was exciting to watch them scramble and figure out a strategy.

What I didn't like, however, is that the live feeders didn't get to watch it play out on the live feeds.  Scorned and screwed again.

We did see that Paulie threw the competition in a very obvious fashion.  He was the first house guest to use his red ball and he used it pretty quickly after the live show ended.  Paulie expects next week to be the first Double Eviction, and he wants to be able to play for HoH, so that's why he threw the competition.  Paulie rolled a score of 6.

But it won't be a double eviction, though, because Julie always tells us about that in advance, to pump us all up for the next live show.

Corey must have had a really bad roll, because he is one of the unfortunate Have Nots this week.  I thought this might be a great competition for him, since he was a pitcher on his college baseball team.  The other Have Nots are Zakiyah, Paulie, and Natalie.

Zakiyah:  I'm a Have Not, but I don't give a shit!  I'll lose some belly fat this week, but it's worth it to have Paul as the HoH!

Supposedly the Have Not extra foods are bacon, hotdogs and capers.  So....not really such a hardship for the meat-eaters.  After Corey passed out the last time he was a Have Not, maybe they decided to let them eat some more protein.  Hopefully they will let Corey sleep on the floor of the Have Not room.....even if you hate him you have to agree that it's not fair to ask someone his size to squeeze into those bumper cars for seven nights.

And here's Paul wearing the key to the HoH room, along with a smirky grin.

Da'Vonne is happy, too, but maybe she shouldn't be, because Paulie has been doing a lot of talking about how she is the backdoor target this week.  Of course, many people think that Day may have the Round Trip ticket in her Secret Room envelope, since she picked envelope #8.

Da'Vonne:  Best!  Best!  Couldn't be happier!

In case you're wondering, this is the reason why people think envelope #8 is the winner.  This is a picture taken at least a month ago, coincidentally of Day as she strolls down the hallway next to the sign.  It says "Ocho Rios Your Dream Destination".  And "ocho" means "eight" in Spanish.  It makes sense, particularly due to the "dream destination".

If Day indeed has the winning envelope, I'm sure Production would be THRILLED for her to be evicted this week, so the whole Secret Room twist would have a major payoff.  Can you imagine Day coming back in the house, flipping her braids at everyone who voted her out?  Fantastic.

I haven't had time to watch all of the post live show action last night, nor even one minute of BBAD, but I do know that Paulie wants Da'Vonne out, so he has convinced Paul that she is a better target than Bridgette.  Paul plans to nominate Bridgette next to a pawn who will come down off the block after the PoV, leading the way for Da'Vonne to take a seat on the block.

Note that one of the things that Paul finds "sketch" about Da'Vonne is that she "still tried hard to win" the HoH even after seeing that Paul rolled such a high score.

(Never mind that Da'Vonne has a kid that she would like to see pictures of.....)