Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Petty Little Liars. #BB18

Right after the whole Secret Room drama started to die down, Bridgette sauteed some vegetables and served them over rice.  There was not an egg involved (that I could see, anyway) so that is good news for me.

Bridgette squeezed some lemon juice on the top of Frank's plate before he tried it.  It was hot, so he blew on the first few forkfuls.

Paul walked by and Frank gave him some crap about how Paul blatantly lied to him about the code needed to unlock the secret door.  (Paul told Frank that he needed to add up a bunch of numbers, but all Frank really needed to do was punch in the word "Paris".)

Paul shrugged it off and admitted to it all.  I have been amazed and stunned about the amount of shit talking Paul does about Frank and Bridgette.  He actually calls Frank "Fool" now, which is probably a downgrade from "homeboy".  Paul also said that he can separate people from the game, and that he thinks Frank may be okay outside of BB, but Bridgette is just an all-around "horrible person".

I have no idea where Paul is getting the information to back this up, but if I were in the room with him I would have a VERY hard time not putting him in his place.  I think some of what Paul is up to here is trying to make it clear to his boss Paulie that he is no threat to him, since he's targeting Bridgette, but that is no reason for him to verbally savage Bridgette so often, and so harshly on the live feeds.

Things got worse last night, but we'll get to that later.

Yesterday the house guests enjoyed their day in the back yard, Last week they were locked indoors for 6 straight days so this probably still feels like a treat to them.

James came outside with his HoH camera and this weekly event gave everybody something to do for an hour or so.

Nicole also has a bright pink swimsuit that looks just like this.  It's cute, and this color really makes Nicole stand out in the crowd in some of these pictures.

Last night on BBAD James and Da'Vonne were sitting in the London Room, adding up the receipts about Nicole's shady dealings in the house.  Suddenly James jumped up and moved to another bed, saying that the bed he was sitting in "smelled just like B.O.".

James and Da'Vonne then discussed how badly Paul smells, and how much he needs to wash both himself, and his clothes and linens.  Michelle has actually been sleeping in that bed with Paul.  I watched her do some laundry early this morning and she did wash the sheets and blankets.  As she took them out of the dryer to fold them, she told Frank that she was grateful that the blanket didn't stink anymore.

So, Paul reeks, people. Maybe he loads up that nasty beard with sandlewood or whatever oil he keeps talking about, and the scent of that is preventing himself from smelling his own stench.  Or maybe he's just used to it.  Paul has probably been stinking things up in his life for a long, long time.  Just a guess.

You can still see the impact of the devastating sunburn(s) that Michelle has experienced this summer in the BB backyard.

After they took this picture, they took one of Corey standing next to James, who was standing on a chair.  When asked to pose like that, James started to complain about how everyone likes to make fun of the short guy, but he stopped himself and just posed for the picture, which they both said turned out well.

Weeks ago I remember seeing James in the Nairobi Lounge talking to us...I think Corey, Victor and Frank had just left the room and James was standing on something in that room that made him taller. He said he wished he would feel like that all of the time.  It was kind of sad.

Corey had some sort of blemish or bug bite on him, as reported by Nicole in her trademark accent.

Nicole:  Corey!  Ew...what is that on your body?

(Um, isn't Nicole a nurse?)

This is sort of homoerotic, right?  Two men kissing Corey's armpits?

All three of them loved the picture, by the way.