Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This is a Secret That We Need to Keep Quiet, So Tell Everybody Not to Tell Everybody! #BB18

Well, Julie Chen told these people last Thursday that there were more secrets in the house to be exposed.  That should have let them know that something big was out there, but unfortunately the house guests seem to think that PEOPLE were keeping the secrets, not the house.

But Production has their timeline already planned out for the season....they needed to get some footage relating to the "secret room", and they needed to get it fast, so they can edit it into the Wednesday night episode.

The first Big Hint that Production was about to pull the trigger on some action was this tweet from Heath Luman, who is on the creative team creating the competitions for Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and several other reality or game shows.  (One of you kids with some ingenuity and maybe some craft and construction skills should try to get an internship or something with Heath....imagine getting paid to do what he does someday?)

Within an hour or so after Heath posted this rather obvious message, trolling us, a message appeared on the TV screen.  Most of the house guests were napping---it was around 4:15 PM and James, Natalie, and Paulie were hanging out by the pool, but I think BB asked them to go indoors.  As soon as they came in, the screen over the sliding doors went down, but I don't think it was a formal lockdown.




And for everyone who is trying to make this into some sort of "Hail Frank Pass" by Production, you should note that Frank wasn't even in the area when these messages started scrolling.  Paulie, Natalie and James were, so think about that for a moment.  And James is the one who noticed it first.


Natalie came out of storage and started whisper-reading the words....

James may have realized that he should have kept his mouth closed, but it's hard to tell. Natalie was planning to make pasta, so I am impressed she didn't drop anything due to the excitement of it all.

James, looking around nervously:  Secrets revealed.....

And then Paulie is there.  And Paulie isn't playing around.

Note that much later, after all was said and done, Paulie was putting it out there that James and Natalie were the ones who were loud about the scrolling message, blaming it on them.  Because once this action kicked off, Paulie wanted to keep it close.

Once Paulie saw the "you may want to keep it to yourself" part, he looked at James.

Natalie: What is it?  Tell me.

James, weakly, asking his boss Paulie:  Maybe we don't want to tell anybody?

Paulie agreed, and the three of them stood in nervous silence.

And right on cue, here comes Frank the Tank, awakened from his slumber.

Frank silently stares at the message while James awkwardly reads the scrolling message again, in a normal "street" voice.  (Clearly trying to pretend he just saw it, too.)

And now Bridgette arrives, silently absorbing the message.