Monday, July 25, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode #4 #BB18 #BB18SAGa

Wil is back with a musical number this week....a peppy number with some Cabbage Patch line dancers.


It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer. #BB18

Well everything has happened, and nothing has happened, all at the same time.  There is no way I can cover everything, but I will try to hit the  high points as they relate to these pictures, which cover a wide time frame as usual.

This morning Michelle did not use the PoV, so the nominees for eviction this week will be Frank and Bridgette until further notice.

There probably won't be any sort of "notice" at all, but you can never be too sure.


I don't know if you can see him holding it in the picture below, but Victor has adopted the stuffed alligator and has named it "Fang".  He mentioned the damn giraffe as part of his justification for this, and took "Fang" back to the bedroom with him, where Frank, Corey and Bridgette were relaxing.

Frank: What are you doing to the alligator?

Victor:  Oh, just did some grooming, cut off a few of his tags, and sprayed him so he smells good.

He held "Fang" out for Bridgette to sniff and she nearly choked at the strong odor of Axe Body Spray.


Victor:  The smell won't be so strong after awhile....

Frank, very sarcastically:  Corey, have you ever felt the need to own Axe Body Spray?

Corey, nervously:  Um...I may have some at home from years ago that I received as a gift...

After Victor and "Fang" left the room, Frank said that since Victor came back in the house, he's been so much nicer to be around.

Frank:  Before, I went pretty hard on Victor about being a douchebag....and I've been feeling a little bad about that, but he just sprayed a stuffed alligator with Axe Body Spray!

Bridgette sat outside and watched the sun come up while she talked to Da'Vonne.  She told Day about how Zakiyah has hurt her feelings by ignoring her birthday while making a huge production over the stuffed giraffe's "birthday".  Da'Vonne insisted she had nothing to do with that, but listened carefully.

So did "Raffi", who lurked by the hot tub in a creepy manner.  Frank later told Bridgette that he "kind of felt like throwing Raffi over the fucking wall", but unfortunately Frank didn't act on those particular feelings.

Oh yeah...Bridgette also blew up Nicole's game big time, and Corey's too, by telling Da'Vonne that she and Frank were working with them.  Bridgette is very hurt by Nicole's treatment of her, so she feels no loyalty towards Nicole now.

Bridgette:  And I told Frank, this may upset you, but if you leave I want to try and work with Day.

Day:  Mmm hmmm.

Nicole wanted the details, including the timeline of significant events around Corey's planned engagement and his eventual breakup.  I didn't hear the whole story, but the saga started in high school and even though Corey had been thinking about getting engaged, he changed his mind and can't believe how quickly that happened.

Frank and Bridgette sat outside and talked for a long time.  Frank feels badly that she is going to be alone in there.

Frank:  During my speech on Thursday night, I want to end it by saying that I hope everyone eats a shit sandwich, and chokes on it!

Bridgette:  I'm gonna laugh.

Frank:  Now the DR will call me in and tell me not to say that...I WON'T...I'm not going to say that...don't worry.

Bridgette has social anxiety and this is causing some problems for her in the house.  Frank thinks everybody has a little bit of that.

Bridgette:  That's why I started smoking when I lived in NY, so I could leave the party to go outside for a bit.  And if I had dates or somewhere to go, I would take two shots and maybe smoke some "granny weed" (?) before I could get on the Subway to go somewhere.

Frank: That's not good, Bridgette.  That just makes you withdraw and not want to talk to anybody.

Bridgette:  No, not me.  It's better than me just sitting at home and not leaving the room, which is what would have happened without it.  But I did get too drunk a few times and ended up in a few bad situations.

Bridgette wondered what Frank's "secret oddities" are.  Frank told her that he's really kind of a hermit, and doesn't like going out.  He knows that he's good in groups, but he really doesn't like to be in groups.  He also knows that he's good at making friends, but he really doesn't want to have too many friends.

(All symptoms of getting older, not really odder...)

Bridgette wondered if Frank plans to put "this" on his resume, to fill the timing gaps.  Of course, Frank said.

BB would probably help a sales career, particularly somebody like Frank. I actually heard Jeff Weldon talk about this on the live feeds last year.  He said after TAR, there was a lot of interest in Jeff from new employers because they knew that CBS had so many levels of screening before finalizing the cast.  It apparently worked the same way for Jeff after BB because he was already in a new job by the BB17 finale and actually had some issues getting time off to go to California for it.

Frank:  Bridgette, you're not a weirdo.  Paul is a weirdo.