Sunday, July 24, 2016

Let's Review What Julie Said About the Secret Room. #BB18

At the end of the Battle Back episode, Julie pretty much told us how to find the way to unlock the special powers in the Secret Room.

Look at these pictures, but only read the green letters.





Which leads to info on the Departures Board, of course.  The flight to Paris is departing now....

Basically they have to use the numbers for the Paris departure, supposedly using the keypad in the telephone booth.

You know, the telephone booth upstairs outside the HoH room.  There was a gray couch here against the left wall that Production just removed a few days ago.  Probably to leave a clear path to the phone booth.  Maybe a big crowd will be running towards it, fighting to be the first one inside.  

That might be an exciting payoff.  As long as we like the person who wins, that is.

And everyone keeps saying they hear banging and hammering in the room next to the HoH room, but I think they are expecting Pandora's Box or some other "twist" that they can just lay around on their asses and win.

To win this one the house guests will need to lay around on their asses in at least five different spots in the house, staring at the clues that have been staring back at them all summer long.

PoV Aftermath: First We Win. Then We Dance. #BB18

Big Meech pulled out a win last night.  She won the PoV, and it was a big was OTEV.  And apparently OTEV took the players to a rave.  They did some dancing.

Once again I was apparently unable to move the damn watermark to the right place on the screen...sorry about that but I am too lazy to go back and do it over.  When BBAD started last night, the PoV was still in full swing, so POP TV broadcast the entire Battle Back episode, and then most of the last eviction episode, before the house cameras came back on, live with excitement.

Let's review the players who played in the PoV:

James - HoH
Frank - nominated for eviction
Bridgette - nominated for eviction
Da'Vonne - random draw
Nicole - random draw
Michelle - random draw 

Looking at that list, it looks like the OTEV competition had Frank the Tank's name all over it, right?  Because one of the hardest parts of the OTEV comp isn't just trying to find the right puzzle piece in all of the goop and crap, it's trying to get back up that hill quickly with the puzzle piece.  The hill is steep, and the shorties often have a hard time doing it over and over again.  But I've seen Frank play OTEV before, and he can get halfway up there with just one huge Frank-sized leap.

But not only did Frank not win the PoV, I think both Bridgette and Michelle outlasted him.  (Frank should use that as evidence that he is not the threat in the game that he used to be, when he begins the eventual campaigning to save himself.)

The girls celebrated in the kitchen, but then moved the party to the storage room, where they felt free to really celebrate.

The Mean Girls had a little dance party in there.  But a quiet dance party, to celebrate their win.  It's a Big Brother tradition, you know.

Big Meech holds up her PoV medal.  She's proud, and said she wants to be known as Beastmode Meech now.

Michelle's new dance includes making farting noises while she jumps up and down, and she claims she will also reference this in her PoV speech.

Then Paul came in, and was very Extra about his celebration. Paul is very astute about where the good camera opportunities may be, and he is dedicated to participating in these opportunities, front and center.

I hate to say it, but Paul is really starting to show signs of being similar to a certain much-hated former Big Brother player.

Sort of a "shine bright like a flunkie" type-thing, perhaps.

Paul walked out, and Victor tagged in to celebrate, too.  His whole return to the house seems really easy, doesn't it?  Maybe a little too easy.  Victor seems to be fitting right in, no doubt drafting off Paul's hard work over the last few weeks, playing up to the Powers That Be.