Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bits and Pieces.....Plus Some BB14 Gossip. #BB18

I'm cleaning off the top of my proverbial desk today, discussing some current events and speculation, with a few glimpses into the house last night.


There has been a news crawl at the top of the CBS live feed screen all week that says the "feeds will be down longer than usual this week", so that was the first hint that the Battle Back competition is going to change the regular routine this week.  But then last night on BBAD, the news crawl there said there would be no BBAD episode on Thursday night (or Friday morning, depending on your time zone), and that the show will return on Friday night (or Saturday morning, whatever).

So it looks like the live feeds will be down from when tonight's live show begins, to after the special Battle Back CBS episode has aired on Friday night.  They don't want us to know who won the Battle Back until then, but I want to prepare you that we might not even know who won HoH until then, too.

In the past, we have had Miss Cleo to leak the news for us, but I'm not sure if he is still connected like that.  I tweeted the question to him just now, and will let you know if I receive a response (other than a "Fuck You" or something).

I will be baking a peach cobbler tonight after the live show, to occupy my time.


I told you guys I watched the raw live feed footage (and it was raw, too) after the PoV ceremony was over, and the conversations I heard indicated that they had to film part or all of the ceremony over.

The braid flip we saw last night on the CBS episode did not include what was discussed on Monday afternoon, and afterwards.  Based on what I heard, after Da'Vonne did the (first) braid flip that somehow hit Tiffany, Tiffany also tried to do her own hair flip, but it did not hit Da'Vonne.  Da'Vonne then made a comment like this: Your hair's not long enough to flip, bitch!

I believe this comment from Da'Vonne is what caused them to re-shoot the ceremony.  As fun as it would be for us to see it, I don't think they want to present that image of Da'Vonne on the show.  But I am guessing about the reasons for the re-shoot....what I do know is that I heard Da'Vonne vent in a very angry way about what I just told you to Zakiyah, with their feet in the hot tub.

Da'Vonne also said that the first time they filmed it, "they" were worried that Corey would not use the PoV, but the second time they filmed it, Tiffany couldn't help but grin the whole time.

And look at the body language above....Tiffany is sitting as far away from Da'Vonne as she could, because she knew the Braid Flip was coming, and Natalie was trying to do her part to keep Da'Vonne calm.  And you clearly did not see Tiffany attempt her own hair flip, nor hear Day's caustic remark to her.  So to me, I have to conclude that CBS showed us the second filming of the ceremony, but of course we might be able to hear more about it later from the house guests themselves...probably on Twitter.

I've also heard a few of the house guests say they were stunned, and "couldn't believe" what Da'Vonne said to Tiffany, and I also heard Frank say that if he were Tiffany, he would have replied "at least my hair is real".  So I am confident about that part of my story.  I'm sticking to it.

I tried to tell Jason about this, but he was obviously not in the mood to deal with the likes of me.  Ya'll know I love Jason and do not want to be another Twitter Bitch giving him a hard time, so I hope he didn't take it like that.


Frank has noticed that the cameras look different than they did during BB14.

Frank:  Some of 'em say BB15 on the side.

Nicole told him that the show has switched to high definition cameras since Frank played, so some of the equipment is different now.  I kept waiting for Production to object to this conversation, but they didn't.

I don't remember why I took this picture of Corey, but he did participate in a great conversation with Frank yesterday where Frank boldly dished some dirt about his BB14 cast mates.  I will summarize that conversation later, once I've gone through the pictures I have.

Bridgette has named this basil plant "Mr. Jenkins", and she talks to it and frequently carries it around with her.  I heard Frank address Mike Boogie the other night saying, "Mike....what happened?  Last time I was out in the backyard talking to you, but this time I'm working with a Filipino girl who talks to a potted plant!"

It was funny.

Michelle cooked something.

In the wee hours of this morning, Nicole and Corey whispered about the vote this week.  Both of them really want to evict Da'Vonne, but they don't think they have the votes, and Nicole doesn't want to go against Paulie this soon.

(I think Paulie might be on the block next week, actually, but I can understand the risk of angering someone who is irrational and bossy.  Who's the dictator now?)

Corey is ready to wrap up this conversation.  They have all been strongly encouraged by Production to get their asses in bed so they would be prepared for Thursday.

Corey:  I'm so tired of talking about this vote.

Frank came in and Nicole gave him the honest news that she doesn't think they have the votes---they only have 4 between them, and Paulie won't settle the tiebreak in Tiffany's favor.

Frank wants Nicole to try talking to Michelle again.  Nicole is upset that she told James she needed to talk to him, but he brought Natalie to the meeting.

Nicole:  That's so weird....I've never even talked to Natalie..ever!  Why would he bring her to the meeting?  And Natalie sat outside and talked to Day for 3 hours the other day.

Frank:  I know!  We need to talk to James, though.

They know that Tiffany is currently talking to Paulie again in the Have Not room, and debate about whether to join in or not.  I think Frank is absorbing what they are saying to him, but Frank has no quit in him about this stuff ---he's going to do whatever he can up until the very last minute.

Corey, putting his head down on the counter:   I'm so tired of talking about this.

Frank gave him a little bro hug.