Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nicole the Lovesick Nurse. #BB18

OK.  Let's chat for a quick second about Nicole and Corey, or "NiCorey".

I've already reported that things have gotten physical between them. Without getting too graphic, I will say that the rumors actually started the day before I posted about them, so it's been a physical thing for at least a few days now.

And Corey has been meeting Nicole at her locker between every class, but she is upset because he didn't say Hi to her in the hallway outside the gym.

Just kidding, of course,  But it is like the 9th grade in there, all over again.  But in today's world, the 9th graders might even be more sophisticated then Nicole about this.  Because this girl is a real Piece of Work right now, obsessing and stressing about every little detail.  But Corey is playing along, too.

On last night's BBAD, there were several scenes where Corey was asking Nicole questions, trying to talk in code to her about their nocturnal activities.

Corey:  Did you tell anybody what we did?

Nicole:  Noooooo.  Noooooo.

Corey:  Are you sure?

And then my jaw dropped when I read the BBAD news "crawl" at the bottom of the screen on Monday night.  I told you that the guys were busy baking pizzas with bacon on them, so the intern who is responsible for that over at POP TV tried to make a funny.

POP TV News Crawl:  ......and Nicole and Corey know something about makin' bacon.....

Can you believe they did that?  I can't.  But I will be paying more attention to those news crawls in the future.  Know that.

There are two really silly incidents that I want to discuss.

This is What Happens When the Internet Raises the Children. #BB18

Well, there is a lot of drama that went down overnight.  But not in the BB Michigan, and online.   Here's the deal....Michelle sat in the backyard and talked to James about her family a day or so ago.  She has three sisters, one who is 19 (Renee) and one who is a younger teenager.  Michelle made a few very Big Meech-type comments about Renee and Renee's boyfriend, and also "joked" that her parents might be divorced by the time she gets home.

The clip of this conversation is on YouTube, but I won't bother to link it here because it is highly likely that the video will be taken down before you even get a chance to look at it (like the video where James talked about Clay and Audrey...)  I think the title is "Michelle Meyer talks about her family" if you want to scoot over to You Tube and take a peek before continuing here.

Anyhoo....I knew there was a problem when I saw Derrick's tweet this morning.

Michelle's sister Renee apparently has the authority to run Michelle's Twitter account this summer, She started off slow, tweeting out her support for her big sister, but apparently she is no longer on Team Big Meech.

Note that these tweets have all been deleted, but thanks to the fine posters over at Reddit, they will be preserved for all eternity.  Or at least as long as the internet is out there...or certainly long enough for Michelle to see them, likely within 15 minutes of Production giving back her phone in September.

Check it out.  (I originally thought Alex was Renee's boyfriend, but I think it might actually be the youngest sister's name.)

During the tirade, someone asked Renee to prove her identity.  And she did.