Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not A Creature Was Stirring, Except These Creatures. #BB18

First of all, I don't really care to see people getting it on in the Big Brother house.  The atrocities that were witnessed during BB9 (everybody with nearly everybody) and BB10 (April and Ollie) were more than enough for me.

WAY MORE then enough for me.

But the Nicole and Corey situation is a little different.  Nicole popped out of that big blue trunk this year and immediately told the audience that she ruined her game last time "over a boy", and that she would not be doing that this season.  Well....like every other woman, I guess Nicole has exercised her right to change her mind.

But this relationship looks far more damaging to Nicole's BB18 game than her relationship with Hayden Voss during BB16.  Nicole and Hayden were an unlikely couple that started as friends, and then solidified their romance in the Jury House.  With Corey, Nicole has been star-struck by him from the beginning, and has said that he is the perfect man, is a "perfect 10", and other various and sundry superlatives (and exaggerations).

And having someone like Zakiyah around to giggle and gossip with about the showmance isn't helping Nicole, either, because I think the talks that they have about their showmances just fuel the fire and make it even more of a focus for Nicole. (Zakiyah has already made up names for the children she and Paulie will have....)

So.....I had no intention of watching all of the action, but I did wonder if some of the info floating around out there from overnight is true.  It seems to be true, but thank goodness there were two other people who were also awake at that hour that I could watch on the live feeds.

I'll Say This:  Nicole knows better.

Bridgette and Frank were in the hammock, chatting and laughing.  I know Bridgette and Tiffany had planned to stay up all night, but it certainly looks like Tiffany must have tagged out at some point.  When I tuned in, I heard the following:

Frank: .....I've done every kind of illegal activity under the sun....


During the FISH I was thinking, yeah, maybe some drugs here and there, or a little DUI, but EVERY illegal activity?  That's a lot....but then the feeds came back and apparently Frank was quoting lines from the movie "Spring Breakers", starring James Franco.  Bridgette was amazed that Frank could quote so many lines, but we didn't get to hear many of them, apparently, due to copyright laws and all.

One topic these two really connect on is the topic of food.  Frank just loves to discuss food, which is actually one reason why I really liked him on BB14.  Frank launches into a story about a place he likes to go in Charlotte called the Sunflour Bakery.  He pointed out the special spelling of the name so Bridgette could enjoy the pun.

Frank:  I'm gonna go ahead and throw my girlfriend under the bus!

Frank told Bridgette that they like to to to the Sunflour Bakery on Sunday mornings and pick up breakfast sandwiches, which they sometimes order on cheddar biscuits or homemade croissants.

Frank:  They also make home made pop tarts, and these great big fresh cinnamon rolls.

Bridgette:  Oh, I love cinnamon rolls, but I don't really know how to make them.

Frank:  Well we get one to take with us, to share later. We like to heat it up first.  But I caught my damn girlfriend in the kitchen eating the middle of the cinnamon roll!  You're supposed to start on the edge like a decent human being, and then work your way to the middle!  I don't let that shit happen!  But of course, I'd give her the middle of the cinnamon roll every damn time if she wants it...

(I found their website, and have already salivated over the "Morning Menu", so Frank's story checks out.  I wonder how long it would take me to drive to Charlotte from Atlanta to score a few of these delicious treats?)

But there's more to Frank's story.....

Frank:  Did you hear about Cinnabon's new product?  Their stuff is a little much for me, but they started selling a new product called "Middle of the Cinnamon Roll", and I told Ashton, nobody is selling the "Edge of the Cinnamon Roll"!

Bridgette laughs, of course.  It's funny.

Frank:  That was a long way for me to go for that punch line.

Frank also has high praise for the Toll House Cookie kiosks he's seen in several airports.  He bought a few cookies at the airport in Houston, but didn't eat them until he got home.

Frank:  But once I tasted them.....FUUUUuuuuuudge.  They were so tasty.  I wish I had bought a dozen of them.

This is the "Middle of the Cinnamon Roll" product, apparently, brought to you by Cinnabon.  Eat at your own risk.

Wil Heuser Presents: BB The Saga ---Good Things are Worth Waiting For. #BB18

Wil Heuser usually posts his weekly Saga videos on Monday night, but he's going to be a week late this time.  He has some good excuses though, as he explains in this short video.  A few highlights:

*  We get to see the "real" Wil, reporting live from what I think may be the Boy's Bathroom (?)
*  Is that Jozea as a Pokemon Go character, or whatever they're called?  (I just watched it again, and no, no way is that Jozea.  I guess I saw the hat and got excited.)
*  Is there a guy in the shower in the background?

(I think there was one of those damn Pokeman Go things near me at the LA Fitness yesterday.  So irritating and annoying....don't you dare take an effing picture of me with Pickachu or whatever-the-fuck while I'm doing leg lifts.)

I love Wil and appreciate his contributions to the BB community for the past few years, so I will accept his Note From Home this week.  But I was kind of hoping Wil would dish some dirt about his new "friend", who may or may not have contributed to the delay in the next episode.....

Cute, huh?  Kind of a Rob Cesternino type, maybe?