Saturday, July 16, 2016

One Big Crappy Family. #BB18

As usual, PoV day is always a real nail biter for everyone.  Once again there is a lot on the line, and that line keeps getting bigger and uglier as days go by.  But some people are willing to cross that line, or to keep a foot on either side.

The PoV will be played later today, and the players will be:

Paulie - HoH
Tiffany - nominated for eviction
Natalie - nominated for eviction
Corey - Road Kill nomination
Bridgette - random draw
Da'Vonne - random draw

Zakiyah is going to host the competition.  Nicole told the girls that if you are HoH, you have to tell the DR who is going to host the PoV well in advance, to give them time to put the costume together.

And earlier today, the new Have Not foods were presented:  British Baked Beans, French Bread, and Italian Basil.

Everyone gathers around and they all think this looks like a great week to be a Have Not.

Paulie opened the card and I think he tried to play a joke on someone about them getting picked, but the joke didn't last long.

As expected, Team Unicorn will be the Have Nots, since they were the first team that was eliminated from the HoH competition.

Natalie: Why did they give us bread though, when we're trying to lose weight.....I guess I can eat the basil like a salad.

Paulie:  You can mix the beans in with slop.

The beans are sweet, and Paul doesn't understand why they aren't thrilled about these extra foods. He lived in London for a while and is very excited about the selection.

Paul:  I would have white bread, mayo, and beans every day.

Natalie went upstairs but stopped to ask an important question.

Natalie: James, so I can't cheat now?  I can't eat anything?

James confirmed those were the rules, and says he was going to make himself an omelet, and had just gotten the vegetables he needed to make it when Production locked them upstairs for the reveal of the extra foods.

More Live Show Aftermath: The "Eff Me? No, Eff You!" Edition #BB18

We've had about a week's worth of action in just the last 36 hours in the BB18 house.  Part of the problem with the whole house ganging up on two players is that they are eventually going to end up in the same dark corner, whispering about their situations.  Putting together all of the pieces, and gluing them together with rage.

Here's a brief status update on where things are in real time:

HoH - Paulie
Nominated - Tiffany & Natalie
Road Kill Winner:  Tiffany
Road Kill Nominee - Corey

But let's back up a little, and catch up on more of the action that happened after the live show ended. And also Friday, too....all I know is I've taken a boatload of pictures and am trying to organize them into some sort of halfass timeline and story.


So, after the Kool Kids got cute by splitting up their votes to confuse Frank, he felt shunned, and they felt giddy with revenge and power.  But then they also immediately started giving Tiffany the cold shoulder, making it clear to her that keeping her in the game was more about a big Eff You to Frank, than a vote to keep her around.

It's no surprise that Tiffany and Frank ended up whispering alone in the Have Not room, sharing everything they knew.  It's funny that the casual CBS viewers probably think that Tiffany had a joyful night after the live show ended, and that Frank must have cowered in a corner, scared and alone.

But Tiffany was actually the fragile one here.  Frank seems to get energized when it's Go Time.  He's ready to play ball now.