Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Survival of the Fittest: We're All Part of the Food Chain. #BB18

As usual, this post is going to be a mash up between what happened yesterday, what happened last night, and what is happening now, sprinkled with random helpings of things I remember from the live feeds and also watching BBAD.  There is a lot of BB18 floating around in my head that I try to release in some sort of organized fashion.

About BBAD - on Tuesdays it comes on an hour early, so that is a whopping 4 hours of BBAD coverage.  I actually watched about an hour of the show last night before I went to sleep, so I will be reporting various items from that show as I remember them.

*** BUT FIRST ***

Late yesterday afternoon, there was an exciting development in one of the bedrooms, when Da'Vonne, Michelle and Nicole finally found themselves in a room together.  I think Da'Vonne was the first person to bring up keeping Tiffany this week.

Nicole:  I will if you will.

Michelle: I will, too.

They seemed to think that they had Corey and James' support if they make this decision, which I kind of doubted due to James' newfound devotion to Natalie and the Spy Girls.  But it turns out that Paulie is going to be the problem with this blindside.  He is dead set on evicting Tiffany, and seems to use her potential outbursts as his main reason for wanting her gone.  At first I was celebrating after seeing the girls' meeting about switching up the vote, and I was hoping they wouldn't tell Paulie.

But of course they had to tell Paulie, so they don't blindside him, too.  I don't think they need his vote, though, and from what I'm seeing the discussions have gone back and forth, and forth and back several times. Paulie isn't even considering it....his mind is made up, apparently.

There is still a lot of time for things to change, and then change again.  I just listened to Vanessa's interview with Rob Cesternino that was taped last night.  She said she might not even be able to watch the live feeds this week, because the stress of watching all of the flipping and flopping is too much.

She is at the World Series of Poker this week, trying to rustle up some good luck and good moves of her own.  Pretty sure Mel is watching the live feeds on the sidelines, though, alert for exciting developments.  Watching Tiffany on the live feeds has got to be a piece of cake for Mel, after what she must have gone through last season.

(Unfortunately, while I was typing this post, Vanessa tweeted that she went all in, with an 80% chance to win, and she lost.  She's out.  Hopefully Tiffany will have better luck.)