Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We'll Take the Sloppy Seconds. #BB18

We're going to be moving back and forth from today to last night, and back again in this post, but I'm up for it if you are.

Tiffany was the first one up this morning, making coffee and other basic morning routines.

Every day the house guests need to switch out their mic pack batteries.  Most of the time Big Brother makes them go in and make the switch themselves, without an assist from another house guest.  I think each battery is specific to each house guest, but I'm not sure about that.

Tiffany braided her side pony in the storage room, looking at her reflection.

Frank made an appearance in the kitchen, and asked Tiffany if he could have some coffee.  Of course, Tiffany said, the coffee is for everybody.

Frank poured some of his coffee in a shaker cup, partially filling it up and putting it in the freezer.  He explained that his "buddy from last time" (Mike Boogie) showed him how to make an iced coffee drink with protein powder.  Shortly after this, though, the backyard was unexpectedly locked down and I heard Frank complaining that he planned to enjoy his iced coffee protein drink outside, but his plans were dashed when they were stuck inside.

Tiffany spent quite some time cleaning the kitchen.  Frank also made a crack about that later, saying that the effort by Tiffany was very nice, but it was "a little too late".

(Boy do I hope Frank is wrong about that...)

I did not see any hint of Tiffany having any sort of game discussion with Frank, or even a mention by either one of them that they need to talk, so I don't think appealing to Frank is part of Tiffany's plan of action this week.  If she has a plan of action, that is....I'm not sure she knows she needs one yet.

I did see a conversation a few days ago where Nicole told Corey and Paulie that she wanted to let Tiffany know she is leaving, at least by Wednesday night, but I think Paulie ended up talking her out of it after voicing concerns that Tiffany might wig out after hearing that news.

But the point of me posting this picture is to show you how the house guests have still managed to cram a bunch of cereal boxes on top of the fridge, right there at the base of the Eiffel Tower.  That is just like the ugly Americans, isn't it?

This, That, and The Other, Featuring Filthy Gossip. #BB18

Yesterday (Monday), the PoV ceremony was held and Bridgette chose not to use her PoV, leaving Tiffany, Paul and Bronte on the block this week.

Tiffany held it together, but part of the success of that effort is likely due to the fact that Tiffany really has no idea that she was the original target this week.  There is a pretty good chance that Tiffany will be evicted on Thursday, but I guess a miracle could still happen.

If Tiffany gets any sort of hint that her original alliance has turned on her, and wants her gone, I think she has several opportunities to flip the script.  She only needs 5 votes, and she knows that Frank is on the outs with just about everyone, even though Frank is not aware of that.

She could say, "why are you evicting the person the Frank wants you to evict?", and keep stressing that she is going after Frank if it's the last thing she does. I would also point out that blindsiding Frank with a "keep Tiffany" vote might throw him off and hurt his HoH performance.

(Or make him perform like a big angry Grizzly bear.)

She could even go to Frank, and tell him that everyone is after him, so they can form a new group with some of the people on the outskirts of the game.  I think Tiffany has calmed down enough that she might be able to influence a few people.  And she has not made any sketchy moves in the last week that indicate she's going to put a knife in someone's back.

Potential Votes to Save Tiffany & Evict Bronte

Michelle  (HATES Bronte)
Da'Vonne  (knows that Tiffany is on her side)
Zakiyah  (does she follow orders from Da'Vonne?)
Corey  (has broached the topic of keeping Tiffany)
Nicole  (may realize that Tiffany is a vote for their side)

I feel like this list of votes is kind of a stretch, but if Tiffany can get Da'Vonne and Nicole on her side I think they can make it work.

Outside the mood was more carefree.  Nicole soaked in some rays.

Natalie did, too.

Michelle soaked up some sun, too.  At one point Frank came outside and hollered over at Michelle to see if she put on any sunscreen.  I couldn't hear her response but I think she said "no" based on Frank's reaction to her reaction.

Michelle is not someone whose skin tans very easily.  She burns, and then heals, peels, and flakes.  As a former Semi-Professional Tanner from Florida, I can promise you that people like Michelle can eventually brown their skin, but you have to use sunscreen and work slowly.

Audrey & Andy Mix It Up With Rob Cesternino. #BB18 #RHAP

Last week, Rob Cesternino took his show on the road to Chicago for several exciting events with the fans.  One highlight was an open panel discussion Rob held with Audrey Middleton (BB17) and Andy Herren (BB15), who both live in Chicago.

This is a long one, but it's a good one.  I really enjoyed every minute of it.

The fans in the audience asked some great questions, and I personally heard a few things that really surprised me.  And that's kind of hard to do, actually.   Here are a few tidbits to tease you:

*  Andy reports that Zach Rance has a job now.....working for someone all of us know and love.  Or know and hate.  But definitely someone who will grab your attention for one reason or another.

*  Audrey has a friendship with Tiffany where they talk every day.

Well....what are you waiting for?  You can start listening here.  Or you can easily download this episode in your podcatcher.

(I use Pocket Casts, the Android version.)

Wil Heuser Presents The Saga, Episode 3 #BB18 #BB18TheSaga

Wil has really outdone himself with this one.  I'm calling this The Bridgette Episode, Featuring Frank.

A few highlights:

*  Julie Chen seems a bit tipsy, and has a nip slip.
*  Wil gets Frank's speech pattern and blinking habit exactly right
*  Tiffany is intense, of course
*  Da'Vonne's reactions are also spot on
*  Wil found a horrid pair of pink shorts for Bronte to wear
*  Victor's live speech is well....you'll have to see it for yourself

I think we can all agree this episode is laugh-out-loud funny.   I think I snorted at least twice.