Monday, July 11, 2016

Big Steaks and Things That Go Bumper in the Night. #BB18

So I turn on the live feeds today, mid-morning on the East Coast, and I see this.  It's Nicole moving around in her bumper car.  I was getting ready to flash back to see stuff I missed last night, and I realized there were a pair of knees sticking up next to Nicole.

And then I thought, "is that Corey"?  And "is Nicole wearing her underwear"?

What the hell?  Someone on Twitter got right back to me and said that Nicole was wearing her bikini with a T-shirt over it, but frankly I don't see the difference.  Nicole is still nearly naked from the waist down, and is smushed into a tiny bumper car with Corey, who is 6'5".

She made the move to get in her own bumper car, which is separated from Corey's bumper car with an empty bumper car between them.

Nicole:  Can I have my blanket though?

Corey tried to toss it over to her but he missed, so she had to get out of her bumper car to retrieve it.

It looked like this particular show was over so I started the flash back process.