Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thirteen House Guests and No One's Home. #BB18

I'm not sure if some of this happened last night, or this morning, because I've had Big Brother in my ear in so many ways, for so many days.

I tuned in to see a very long, calm, civil conversation between Bridgette and Michelle.  They seem to be the only people up, and are just sitting in the living room, getting to know one another. Bridgette described how she uses to make friends because she has moved so much.

Bridgette goes to beach yoga meetups, and says she's dated one or two of the guys there.  She listed some other groups she liked, too, but I don't remember what they were.  Sorry.

Michelle looks like she might be crying here, but I can assure you she was not.  She is eating a kiwi fruit out of hand, furry rind and all. I was mesmerized watching her because the kiwi still had the produce sticker on it, and as Michelle's mouth got closer and closer with each bite, it really looked like she was about to eat it.

But she didn't.  She took the sticker off and plowed through the rest of the kiwi as you see below.  I have personally eaten thousands of kiwis in my lifetime, and I have never once been tempted to eat the furry rind, nor have I seen it served with the rind, except on display.

Michelle wants to move somewhere for the next stage of her life.  She wants to give Florida, Texas, or California a try, since those are the warmest places to live.  I think she likes the sound of Bridget's beach yoga, so that might rule out Texas.  Bridgette says it is scary to move but you just get out there and do it and it's awesome.

I didn't hear them talk any game at all, just a nice slow conversation about things they might actually be interested in.  The only game stuff I remember is they did discuss different competitions that they liked.  Michelle likes the one where they "stay or fold", but Bridgette thinks that there is usually only one person who knows how to really play that, so they always win.

Bridgette says that if they have to eat meat in a competition, she's probably not going to do it.  Michelle took that calmly, even though they are currently on the same team. They are excited about their Outback Dinner in the backyard tonight.  Bridgette says that she will eat the Blooming Onion and the side dishes, and might ask if they can cook her HoH package of tofu for her while they are at it.

PoV Competition - You Can't Win if You Don't Play. #BB18

Today is PoV Day, and like every other interesting season of Big Brother, each PoV competition is more important than the last.  The stakes are high today, but only 6 house guests are allowed to play.

PoV Players

Bridgette - HoH
Paul - nominated for eviction
Tiffany - nominated for eviction
Bronte - nominated for eviction (Road Kill)
Natalie - Bronte's choice
Paulie - random draw

Da'Vonne is going to be the host.  She asked Bridgette about that, but Bridgette had already promised Natalie that she could be the host.  She said that if Natalie was chosen to play PoV, Day could be the host.  I don't think Da'Vonne hosted anything last year, so I know she is excited about this.  I hope she gets a good costume, since they get to keep them.

I'm pretty sure Paulie looked at the other players, and felt pretty confident he'd crush it, right?



Bridgette won!  And the competition was the one that Vanessa won last year, where the players went through rounds of play, hooking up tubes and hoping they wouldn't blow up in their faces.  Except this year it sounds like they had to pour liquids rather than connect wires and tubes.

The Outback Steakhouse was also involved with the competition, and I think Bridgette won a reward for them that will probably take place on Sunday.

Frank talked about the competition with Bridgette---the house guests who weren't playing got to watch some of the action on a TV monitor.  Frank could see that Tiffany felt good about the first couple of rounds, but then got increasingly stressed about the results.

When Tiffany lost the PoV, some of her blue paint splashed on the wall of Bridgette's cubicle.  Paul had pink paint, and Frank says Paulie's was funny because his whole body got splashed with green paint, but his hair was splashed with pink paint.

Bridgette:  I was excited because I got to meet the medic!

Bridgette hurt her foot and has crutches now.  She says the swelling has already gone down but she is going to wait to shower until tomorrow, when she's sure she won't slip and fall.  Not sure how Bridgette got injured, because that competition isn't usually a physical one, but maybe they added some new elements since there were prizes involved this time.

(But from what I heard later, Bridgette may have injured her foot in a post-competition celebratory jump-in-the-air with Frank.  I guess we'll find out for sure on the Wednesday CBS show.)

Nicole walked in to see how Bridgette was feeling, and to use Bridgette's HoH bathroom.  I thought that those two girls would bond more than they have, both being ER nurses and all.  I guess there is still time for that this summer, though.  Although there is a chance Nicole will not be very happy with Bridgette by the end of this week....

You can see Bridgette's crutches in the picture below.  She is just chilling in the HoH room and commented on the fact that not many people have come upstairs lately.

Frank:  I think they just think you were sleeping and healing and all.

Bridgette wanted Frank to tell her a story, so he told her about the time he got kicked off of some church trip.  Frank got caught stealing what sounds like an airplane bottle of Smirnoff vodka from a store.  The store owner called the police, who called Frank's mother.  Frank's mother told the bus driver to just leave Frank there, alone, and she would come and pick him up.

Frank:  I had to sit by myself for a few hours in the McDonald's across the street with my huge roller bag and wait for Mama to show up.  That two hour drive home was really uncomfortable!

Bridgette didn't do too many bad things, but she did make Frank laugh by telling him about some old neighbor guy who would take Bridgette and her friend to the store and buy them booze.

Bridgette:  Here's this old guy with two young girls walking around with him, pointing at what they wanted him to buy!  He's the same guy who gave me the Louisville Slugger bat to hide behind my door!

Natalie came in and reported that people were downstairs talking about cheating.  She also announced that she was on a diet, then corrected herself to say she's been eating healthy.  I like the fact that Natalie wants to play this game, and is showing the potential to play HARD. But if you watch her on the feeds for just a few hours, you will see that she tries to dominate every conversation by talking about topics that seem designed to fish for compliments....very self-absorbed...particularly now that she has told people that she used to be an NFL cheerleader.  You'd think she performed every game at the White House, from listening to her talk about it.

(Jackie Iberra was an NBA cheerleader, and was able to discuss it without implying that it was grounds for being knighted or something.  I didn't actually plan that pun, but as long as we're here....)

Frank is excited to finally be able to participate in a BB prize.

Frank:  It's about time...all I've done is get punishments!  I had to wear two costumes, and then do that chum dunk thing.

The girls want to hear about that, so Frank describes what he had to do, and how often Big Brother made him do it.  He said the chum was really like red Jello that smelled really bad.

(You can see that here....Frank actually sports a man bun in these pictures, along with his carrot costume.)

Frank described what he saw in the backyard that related to the Outback prize.  He said there were some of the Outback dishes featured, but is not sure if they will get to eat those same items or not.  There were four items on the board, a big steak, the crab stuffed mushrooms, the new "Loaded Blooming Onion", that features the big fried onion topped with cheese fries and bacon (Does America REALLY need to have that?) and also the chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is Frank's favorite, and he likes it served warm, so maybe one of those molten chocolate cakes.

I heard James tell the group about the Outback Steakhouse reward he got to participate in last year.  The backyard door opened up (between the two poles?) and the wait staff walked through and brought their food to them.  They couldn't order specific things---they just ate what was brought to them, and they were allowed to have two drinks each.

(There was A LOT of grumbling last year about the two-drink maximum.  Liz Nolan wanted to get liquored up, ya'll.)


Bridgette has had several conversations in the past few hours with the Spy Girls about putting another guy on the block if Tiffany had the opportunity to save herself.  But now Bridgette has the power to save either Tiffany or Bronte.  Or Paul, of course, but she's not going to do that.

If she saves Bronte, her fellow Spy Girl, whoever won the Road Kill competition will name the replacement.  I think Bridgette suspects that Frank won it, and she feels that Natalie will be nominated if Bronte is saved.

If Bridgette saves Tiffany, she can name the replacement, which would most likely be Corey.  I think she will do that, if she thinks she can get the votes to send him packing.  There will be nine voters, so they will need five votes to evict Corey.

Potential Votes

Natalie (if not on the block)
Tiffany (if Bridgette saves her)
Da'Vonne  (she has said she wants Corey out, but will she risk alienating Nicole?)
Frank (if Tiffany isn't a choice, I think he will vote to boot Corey)
James  (maybe, based on a conversation he had with Frank about this)
Michelle  (if Tiffany isn't a choice, she might vote to boot Corey)

I've just watched Frank spend considerable time up in the HoH with Bridgette both alone, and with others.  The conversation was light and fun, and they wasn't just about the game.  But clearly Frank wants Bridgette to leave the nominations as they are, and I think he expects for her to do that.

Will Bridgette do what she wants to do?  Or what Frank wants her to do?

If Bridgette wants to build an All Girls Alliance that can rule the house, she needs girls like Tiffany that have potential to win competitions, and will be a bigger target than she is.  But if she makes a move as big and bold as replacing Tiffany for Corey, will she make too many enemies too soon?

It's a risk either way. But I like the idea of Bridgette totally pulling the rug out from under Corey's game.  And it would set the stage for a fantastic Battle Back series.

****  EARLIER TODAY ****

The Spy Girls are trying to build connections with some of the girls in the house, and also to repair Bridgette's relationship with Michelle.  They had a long chat in the Nairobi Lounge, where at one point Bronte told Michelle that she isn't really a child care worker, but an aspiring mathematician.

Michelle was very excited about this information, but now Bronte's secret is out.  (She did tell the other Spy Girls about it, of course.) Bronte is proclaiming her love for math and pursuing an important job based on her education.

And then Michelle had a little secret to tell, that even we were not aware of.

Michelle:  I wish I had studied something else.  I don't really want to be a nutritionist.  I'm just not passionate about it.

She said she found during her internship that the doctors don't really listen to the nutritionists, that their input isn't valuable.  She later said she might want to be a teacher or something like that.

I don't know about you, but I was hoping Michelle was going to solve America's medical problems.  Or at least try to do that.  I hope this isn't how Michelle's parents are going to learn that Michelle wants to go back to school....

Michelle talked about how her dad was in the military, and met her mom in Budapest when he was on a trip.  They had to get married in secret because her dad's family didn't approve of the relationship.  Michelle said she was the "peace baby" that brought the family back together.

She had to move a lot due to her dad's career, and didn't have a lot of friends at school.

I didn't hear Bridgette say much during the conversation, but later she and Bronte celebrated that they both had pleasant interactions with people who didn't like them.  (Bridgette in this conversation with Michelle, and Bronte's conversation with Paulie, where he told her she and Natalie could stay until Jury.)

Frank sat in the bathroom with Da'Vonne and Zakiyah as they waited to pick the players for the PoV.

Da'Vonne:  I'm just ready to do it.


Frank wants Bronte to pick him to play PoV if she has a choice.

Frank: And Tiffany seems more comfortable today, maybe because she didn't get any votes last week.  She even looked at me and said a few words.

Da'Vonne:  Really?

I know it always looks like Zakiyah is posing, but her face seems to look great at every angle.  I can't really reconcile her personality with the way she looks though.  She is kind of a down-home southern girl, who frequently uses street slang, but she often looks like the cover of Elle or Bazaar.

She looks unapproachable, but her personality contradicts that (most of the time).

Then Frank told them a story about Tiffany that I've seen him repeat twice now, each time striking this pose to illustrate his story.

Frank:  We were all laying down and talking last night, but then everybody got quiet so I put my bandana over my eyes and fell asleep.  Paul woke up later and said that Tiffany was sitting up staring at me, just like this.  Now why would she do that?  What would she get out of that?

(Maybe she was trying to see if he was really asleep?  Or maybe she was trying to use mental telepathy to brainwash him?)

Frank had a little chat with Bridgette about a variety of topics.

*  Frank said that he didn't really have a girlfriend, but that he made that up so that it might make him more approachable to the house guests.  Bridgette believed this at first, but after a few seconds Frank said that wasn't true, and addressed Ashton through the camera, saying she knows he's just kidding.

Frank:  We actually talked about that.  Ashton thought that me having a girlfriend might benefit me in the game.

*  At first Bridgette was upset during Frank's joke, because she thought she was the only one in the house who wasn't single.

Bridgette:  At first, when it was just 12 of us, it was just me and Glenn who weren't single.

*  Frank says he had to quit his job to come on the show this year, and he's not sure what he's going to do when he goes home.

(So don't bother calling to have Frank fired, Reddit people.)

*  Frank wondered if cracking his knuckles would hurt him, and if the rumors are true about that.  Bridgette quoted a study she read about where a guy volunteered to crack his knuckles daily for decades so they could study him, and he had no negative results.

Frank:  But were his knuckles real big?

Bridgette:  No.  But they didn't accept the results, because the sample size is too small.  Only one person.

*  Bridgette wanted to learn more about Frank, because she doesn't feel like she knows him.  Frank said that because he is friendly and talks so much, most people don't realize that he doesn't say very much about himself.

Frank:  There's not too much about me that people don't know already. There aren't a lot of secrets.

Bridgette mentions his dad being a wrestler, but Frank says people already know that about him.

Bridgette:  Do you have any sisters?

Frank:  Yep.  Two.

(WHAT?  I didn't know Frank had sisters.  Maybe step sisters he didn't grow up with?)

The sister conversation died on the vine, without any names used.  Or maybe they don't want to be named.....I guess that could be the reason, or a damn good excuse for Frank to give if he needs one.

*  Bridgette brought up Frank's huge ankles.  (I guess you could call those "cankles".)  Frank agrees they are huge and his friends make fun of them.

*  All of the girls are rushing around to get ready for the PoV player pick ceremony.  Bridgette says she needs to go get ready, but Frank says she looks great right now.

Frank:  You don't wear a lot of makeup, do you Bridgette?  Your skin is so pretty you don't need any.

Bridgette:  If I go to work, I wear makeup.  I only really wear makeup to fit in.  But if I'm not working, I let the sun and the salt water do my makeup.

Frank:  I know she's your friend, but I know you agree with me that Natalie is so pretty, she doesn't need to put on all of that makeup.  She looks better without it, and she puts on so much.

*  Frank said he loves to lay on that couch, because he could see people walk down the hall (the bathroom is right next door).

Frank:  The people who cut their eyes over at me when they walk by and keep going, I can't trust them.  But if people just walk by and don't even look over here, they're cool with me.

Bridgette:  But maybe people are just curious.

Bridgette got called to the DR but she noticed she had "pet hair" all over her pants. She called out to Big Brother that she was on the way, but  she needed to use the lint roller first.

(Where did the pet hair come from?  From one of the stuffed animals?)

Tiffany is arranging her things and rooting around in her suitcase.  I'm sure it sucks to have to pack and unpack every week.  And depending on how the PoV goes, Tiffany might have to pack it all back up in a few days.

I don't remember what this was all about, but it's funny so I'm posting it.

Everyone seems to think that the PoV competition will be the "cube" competition, where the competitors work inside a huge, see through, dice and move it around to beat one competitor.  One of the juicy parts of that competition is that it's a "knock out" one, that tends to expose alliances since the winner of each match up picks the next two players to face off.

Corey says he's doing okay as a Have Not.  He and Nicole sat on the couch and talked about their previous relationships.  Corey had quite a tale to tell about his ex-girlfriend, who he dated for about 5 years.  It sounds like she was a big cheater, and he caught her many, many times and gave her many, many chances.

They broke up and got back together, and then he caught her on Bumble (a dating app) and finally got rid of her for good.  This girl would do stuff like break into Corey's house and then refuse to leave, and other crazy actions like that.  It sounds like she was also very jealous of Corey, which is often a dead giveaway that they are actually cheating, too.

Corey made the Yik Yak app sound fun, if you're already the type to be attached to your phone every minute of the day.

Here is a prime example of Natalie wearing way too much makeup.  She really doesn't need all of that, even if the PoV player pick is always on the CBS show.

I heard Victor talking about this once, complaining that Natalie spent "three hours every day piling on makeup."  Men do not like women who wear a lot of makeup.  Especially since Natalie is so short---it is very easy to get makeup on a man's shirt, particularly if he is tall.

And as a contrast, here is fresh-faced Bridgette, who does not spend even three minutes a day piling on makeup.

Bridgette has discussed her love for Hot Cheetos several times in the house, and as HoH has been able to enjoy this spicy, tasty snack.

Personally I would have a beer with that snack, but probably not if I was waiting to play the PoV comp.

Bridgette: I'm stress eating right now.

Bridgette told the other Spy Girls that her boyfriend is a doctor, and she is really turned on when he talks about smart topics like the ultrasounds he performed on patients.  They have only been dating for one month, and he did not want Bridgette to discuss their relationship on the show.  She apologized for talking about him, but said she was only telling her friends on the show.

(Although Natalie was one of those friends....and Natalie has already stared dropping hints to James about someone in the house being a math scholar besides Tiffany...)

Tiffany is practicing the "cube" PoV strategy, assisted by Da'Vonne, using Q-tips.  Apparently she is the one who first suspected the cube being today's competition, because of "something she heard in the DR".

As I watched this scene, I was thinking "wow, Da'Vonne sure is being helpful to Tiffany".  And I was suspicious of that....

Nicole styled her hair and talked to Michelle about Frankenmuth Michigan.  Nicole told Michelle that it was a little German town that sold salt water taffy, had a water park, and sold great chicken.  Michelle hasn't visited Frankenmuth yet, but would like to go some day.

(I've actually been to Frankenmuth.  I was working nearby and everyone kept telling us about the Famous Frankenmuth Chicken, so a group of us drove out there for dinner one night.  It is kind of surreal--a little town chock full of tourists.  Like an amusement park with no rides.  I think they had one of those year-round Christmas stores, too.  We had the chicken and made jokes about how it was hermetically sealed under a plastic dome before it came to the table.  If you're ever in the area, visiting Frankenmuth one night might be a great Highdea for you. Tell them Nicole sent you.)

Tiffany figures out a few of the cube sequences and tells Day "we got this".

After Tiffany left the room, this was the face Da'Vonne put on, and kept on for at least 15 seconds, to let Zakiyah and Nicole know this was serious.

Da'Vonne, mouthing the words:  She could win this!  She could win this!

Nicole:  Who would go up if she wins and takes herself off?

Da'Vonne:  Hmm......Nicole, I know you're close with Corey...

Nicole:  Oh, I know he'll need to go.  I have no problem with that.  I'm not getting caught up in that.

Da'Vonne assures her that if Corey does have to go on the block, they have the votes to save him.

(But Day wants Corey out...but at least she's greased the skids with Nicole.)

Da'Vonne told a great story about the Nolan Twins.  Julia had told a story of a really bad date she went on where she had to take off her high heels and run home.  Once everyone suspected they were twins everyone wanted to trip them up, so Jeff asked Liz to describe the worst date she ever had.  Liz said that she had never had a bad date, and the whole group knew the truth at that point.

(I may be getting Liz and Julia mixed up in that story, but I can't remember which one had the bad date.)

Upstairs Natalie rallied her small troop, offering words of encouragement and inspiration.

Natalie:  Remember, we are not the big threats here!  We have everything we need to win this game girls!

Bronte shows them her toes, and says she has Reynaud's disease, except I think she called it a syndrome.  I actually have that, too, but it's a mild case and only seems to come up at certain times, in clusters of occasions.

Basically it is nerve-related, and it makes my fingers and/or toes turn bright yellow and ache with cold occasionally.  It used to happen to my toes at my desk at work, when I was wearing a particular pair of black boots.  It also happens to my fingers, even if I am wearing gloves.  Some people have to wear special gloves before touching items from the freezer, if it is a severe case. My doctor said that women who are thin are typically more susceptible to Reynaud's, but I think Frankie Grande may have it too, based on what he said about not being able to sleep in that icy Have Not room. I can assure you my hands DO NOT look like Frankie's hands.

Anyway, Bronte's toes are discolored now, and she shows the girls.  I would probably put some socks on, and maybe slippers, too, but I'm not on TeeVee, displayed in High Definition, like Bronte is.

Downstairs Nicole told Corey and Frank about her ex-boyfriend that she broke up with before being on BB16.  He was a hockey player and they dated for years, but he partied too much and wasn't ready to get serious, so she broke up with him.

They tried to get back together but then he cheated on her so she dumped him for good.

Corey:  Damn Nicole.  You're not putting babies in my body, so BYE.

Frank confirmed that hockey guys tend to party a lot, and teased Nicole about liking guys with no teeth.  Nicole said he had all of his teeth, and actually held a lot of the hockey parties at his house.

Nicole:  He was texting me, and he was all sad and everything, so we met for coffee, but it was just over for me by then.

Corey says he's picky about girls, and asked Nicole if she thinks she's already met the person who is right for her.

Nicole:  No, probably not.  I don't think he's from my home town or anything.

(I just had severe DEJA VU, because Nicole had this SAME DISCUSSION with Christine Brecht during BB16, in this same spot, discussing this SAME ex-boyfriend.  Check it out.)


Paul made slop muffins last week that everyone liked.  He decided to make some "real" muffins now, under the tutelage of Bridgette, an accomplished baker.  Paul must be stressing a little, but he's playing it cool and being himself.

He's still on the block, you know, but I doubt he will be asking Bridgette to save him with her PoV medal.

Corey and Michelle did some low talking about Corey, wondering if he is really a professional baseball player or something.

Michelle:  He mentions having a lawyer, and an accountant.

Nicole:  He just seems like he should be dating an A-list celebrity...know what I mean?

Michelle, with a mouthful of cereal:  Mmm hmm.

I'm not a nutritionist, but unless Michelle is eating Shredded Wheat, that is not a healthy snack or meal.  Particularly since Michelle eats cereal so many times per day.  She might actually be one of those vegetarians who lives on doughnuts.

All the girls liked Frank's T-shirt.  He says it's a Van's shirt, but he had to cut the label off to please Production.

Tiffany did some low talking of her own with Nicole, telling her that she really wanted to win that competition.

Tiffany:  I mean, I REALLY wanted to win that.  But I haven't cried...I've kept my cool.

She changed the topic to all of the glitter in her hair, and discusses the trouble she had getting paint off her face.

Tiffany took off her hat and a bunch of glitter fell on the couch.

The fact that she's trying to hold it together is a great accomplishment for her.  I heard Da'Vonne talk about Tiffany on BBAD last night, and she was telling someone (Corey, maybe?) that Tiffany tried really hard to play a good social game in the first weeks in the house.

But Corey (or James?) said that on the third day, when "Paul and Jozea pulled her upstairs, she lost it", and then she got into that argument with Frank she got upset, too.  It sounds like everyone gave Tiffany a pass on that, but then she kept getting upset and crying and no one wanted to deal with it.

People forget, Tiffany, and they forget fast.  If you can get off the block this week and bond with the girls, you can get back in this thing.

And in the wee hours of this morning, James and Natalie were the only ones up, getting somewhat cozy in the loft area.  I only tuned in for a few minutes, and saw James playing footsie there with Natalie's leg.

What do you think they were talking about?

Well, Natalie was talking about her diet, and how thin she'll feel, and what everyone will think about that, and how James will tempt her with a burger, but she won't eat it, and....

So, that was enough for me.


I don't get all of the hating on Bridgette.  You don't all have to hate her just because that bitch Jun Song said you should.  So far Jun has hated all of the Asian women associated with Big Brother, hasn't she?  Like Helen Kim and Julie Chen herself.  I'm sure Bridgette's baking and cooking is threatening to Jun, too.

 I think Bridgette winning all of these comps really switches things up, and has potential to flip the script on this week's eviction  I love the fact that no one seemed to even consider that she would win ONE competition, much less TWO..

She's perky, bouncy, and she seems to really know the game.  I thought she was a recruit based on Jeff's interview with her, but based on offhand comments she's made about BB All Stars, and also Frank's original season, I think she's been watching the show for a long, long time.

If you don't like Bridgette because Frank may end up controlling her entire HoH week, that may be a valid concern for all of the Anti-Frank fans.  But Frank is really the underdog this week, and looks to be the underdog next week, too.

His entire group is against him, and he seems oblivious about it.  I'm having fun watching it.  During BB14 all of the Frank Haters were also VERY VOCAL about it.  And then when Frank won America's Favorite Houseguest everyone was like "WTF?  This is RIGGED!".

Team Frank thought that was funny.  But I think the AFP vote has been controlled by the Big Brother Facebook group for the last few years, from what I've heard.  And from the AFP results, of course.  So that would indicate that no matter what happens, James may get the prize again, with all of his "funny" pranks and his "showmance" action.