Saturday, July 9, 2016

Road Kill - Win, Lose, or Get Out of the Way. #BB18

Here is your Saturday Status Update:

Bridgette is the HoH, of course.  She nominated Tiffany and Paul for eviction.

Frank is the Road Kill winner, and nominated Bronte for eviction last night.

Just now, the house learned the details of the new Have Not punishment.  They were locked in the HoH room while Production set up the "extra food" table, but saw what was set up the table before they even made the trip downstairs.

Paul:  Popcorn!  That looks delicious!

The house guests circle the table, which is covered with popcorn and peanuts. I think some "cheese powder" is also included, based on Paul's rants.

Paul:  What the hell!  Your boy got stuck eating berries last week, and you get this?  You've got to be kidding me!  I could live on nuts alone!  This is bullshit!

Bridgette read the card, which said that since they were eliminated first in the HoH competition, Team Freakazoid would be the Have Nots this week.  Team Freakazoid is Nicole, Corey, and Tiffany, of course.

And no sporting event would be complete without concessions, so the Have Nots can enjoy all of the popcorn and peanuts that they like this week.

Corey high fives one of the guys about this, and is excited with the extras they will get to eat.

Corey:  I wonder if I can grind up those nuts with some butter or something.

Zakiyah announces that she doesn't eat peanuts, but no one seemed to acknowledge this.  They are probably thinking that she should be glad she is not a Have Not again this week, but no one says that out loud.  The new Have Not team is happy and relieved at the way things turned out for them.

Natalie and Bronte immediately went up to the HoH room to chat.  Bronte thinks that the next HoH competition will be endurance, which is their strength.

Natalie:  James is strong with that, too.

(James actually won "the wall" competition last year.)

Bronte also reports that she's memorized the entire "board" in the departures lounge, and also the related messages throughout the house.  She's noticed patterns in the information, and says that just like Victor was good with finance, she is good with math.

(Obviously Bronte has told certain house guests about her aspirations to be a mathematician.  And I've heard Frank say that Bronte told him that she wanted to go to Jury so she would continue to earn money for grad school. The house guests earn about $1,000 per week as long as they are in the game or sequestered somewhere.  But the winners don't get this stipend money...just the prize money, which is taxed more favorably than the stipend "salary".)

Bronte recites all of the math classes she has taken, and says "the only thing in life she is good at is calculus".  Natalie thinks her mom will love Bronte, based on her career choice.