Friday, July 8, 2016

The Scrambling Begins....Everyone Lies to Someone, But Some Lie to Everyone. #BB18

Before we delve into the events last night, I have three pictures leftover from yesterday to deal with, and a few other items to discuss.

This is Tiffany during a visit to Paulie's HoH room.  She started off calmly, and then told him that she thought they were friends, and had built some trust with each other, but she can tell by the way people are treating her that she's on the outs.

Paulie got up to come over and hug her, but I don't think he followed through with the hug.  I think she waved him off from touching her, as she tried to control her emotions.

Also I watched Vanessa's live interview with McCrae and his other guest Johnny Mac live last night.  She was in pretty good spirits, and gave a great game analysis that was both shrewd and honest.  Vanessa is going to be a big asset to the Big Brother community---I hope she sticks with it after this season.  Johnny Mac was good, too, and had interesting things to say about both Da'Vonne and James.

I don't know why Spencer chose to leave the On The Block podcast, but one of the problems with the OTB "Network" is that they do not upload all of their shows to podcatchers, or even consistently to YouTube.  I couldn't even find any of the Survivor ATF shows on YouTube last season.  McCrae needs to spends some time on distribution, or find an intern to help him work on the technical part.

Spencer was a crucial part of the OTB shows because he was the articulate host and McCrae provided the color commentary and some jokes. McCrae needs a co-host like Spencer who can run things---you can only say "I dunno" so many times before you're wasting someone like Vanessa's time.

Not trying to shade OTB---just saying I hope Spencer comes back soon, and this is a good podcast to listen to if you have the time.  Vanessa talks about Tiffany's casting experience and I know we all love to hear that sort of backstage information.

Also, Vanessa mentioned how Tiffany's casting experience with The Amazing Race blew up---I wonder if this was the "trauma" that Tiffany mentioned on the live feeds that occurred last fall.

(I discussed that here.)

Tiffany said the "trauma" happened in October and November, and then a little in January, but everything is fine now.  I'm thinking this is related to TAR, and maybe even this girl in the picture below.  Jason tweeted this a few days after Tiffany made the statement, so maybe the picture is related to that, but maybe not.  I asked Jason via Twitter who Krystal was, but he did not respond.  I didn't expect him to, but sometimes you never know....

Anyway this picture was probably taken in late October or early November, when Jason went out to Vegas to spend Halloween weekend at Vanessa's house.  Or I guess it could have been taken during the BB17 finale weekend in LA.  But we all saw the pictures the Twins posted with Tiffany in their Halloween Playboy Bunny costumes, so I just kind of assume that weekend is when Tiffany partied with the group.

Tiffany looking fierce in this picture, by the way.