Thursday, July 7, 2016

Live Show Aftermath: The Power Shifts, but Stays the Same. #BB18

Oh boy.  This was one of those HoH competition outcomes that you just don't expect.  That is one of the great things about the "crap shoot" games ---no one really has an advantage so the outcome is so unpredictable.

Bridgette won, and looked like she had a great time doing it.  A lot of people are complaining about it online, because now Frank is safe from the HoH nominations, and this was supposed to be Get Frank Week.

Also, everyone feels that Frank will have a big influence on Bridgette's nominations.  And he probably will.  He tried to ask her what she is thinking about nominations, but their conversation was interrupted.

Frank also escapes being a Have Not for another week.  Frank Eudy has never been a Have Not, so that streak remains unbroken.

Michelle is thanking her lucky stars that she is on the same team as Bridgette, since she has virtually declared war on Bridgette for what seem to be some small and petty reasons.  She's playing so well otherwise----having public beef with someone who is not fighting back is just stupid.  Why not just pretend to be civil, for the game's sake?

Michelle wore one of Natalie's tops on the show tonight and spilled something on it.  She's trying to hand wash and scrub the stain out.

When the live feeds came back, two of the four camera shots were really wonky.  The screen showed Jeff's little live feed break videos, but the sound featured live action of a few houseguests already stressing about Bridgette's plans for the week.

And look at Big Jeff.  Did he get work done?  Or just a little Botox?  Does anybody else see that?

A Vet is a Threat to Another Vet - The Many Crimes of Frank #BB18

The returning veterans who are playing BB18 came into the house as minorities, immediate targets of all 12 newbies in the house.  In fact, when Nicole, the first veteran to pop out of that suitcase on premiere night, walked quickly through the house to see the new decor, Victor was already loudly telling all of the other newbies that Nicole already had her chance to win the game.  Another newbie even pointed out that Nicole had TWO chances to win BB16, since she was voted out and returned to play a few more weeks.

It seemed unlikely that the four of them would avoid even being nominated for the first few weeks, but that streak of luck looks like it is over.  And the first collective target is Frank Eudy.

Trouble has been brewing for Frank in the last few days.  Frank has offended the girls with his frequently abrasive comments and his inability to contain his bodily functions.  I think Frank means to be funny with his comments, and the guys all guffaw when they hear them, but the girls are officially collectively offended.  And the constant farting?  That is just inappropriate.  I've been waiting for an adult like Da'Vonne to pull Frank to the side and tell him that he is grossing the girls out, and that his childish actions are going to tip the scale towards his eviction. But now Da'Vonne doesn't need Frank anymore, so she's fanning the farts, so to speak.

But at this point, I am already pre-cringing for Julie Chen, who will surely have to broach the topic of Frank's farting with him during his post-eviction interview.  Maybe she will go with a power move and wear a gas mask during their interview.


In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Corey was lounging on the living room couches with Paulie and Michelle.  And Paul and maybe James, I think.  Paulie was wearing his HoH robe and said he was hesitant to walk around wearing it, for fear of looking like a big shot, but since this is his last night as HoH he wanted to wear it.

Michelle:  You should wear it.  If I was HoH I would be pimped out in my robe.  I wish I had tried on Nicole's robe.

Michelle also let us know that Corey has freckles on his shoulders and other body parts, but none on his face.  She also commented on the swirly hair growth patterns on Corey's head.

(Pretty sure Michelle would be crying if Corey pointed out a few of her issues like that, but that is the good old Double Standard at work here.)

Tiffany did something strange and awkward, creeping up on Corey to "scare" him wearing her face mask. 

The "funny" prank didn't work, because Corey said he saw her reflection behind him. So she did this strange thing with her microphone before returning to the bedroom.

The problem with these "funny" pranks is that the house guests think we all love them, since they get asked about them in the DR and James keeps constantly reminding everyone that America loved him last year.

Yesterday Tiffany told Michelle the truth about her teaching high school students, rather than middle school students.  This was a STUPID lie and I'm sure Michelle will run her mouth about it when the time is right. Tiffany also seems to have realized that her students will be watching the live feeds.  She said that last fall some of her students immediately knew she was Vanessa's sister after seeing her name (Miss Rousso?) and hearing her voice.  Some of the students were SuperFans and watched the live feeds this year.  Awkward, indeed.

Michelle talked about how much she hates her ex-boyfriend.  Michelle has a lot of interesting stories about herself that she is very open about sharing.  I will probably write about all of that in separate post, but trust that Michelle is a new breed of SuperFan who has grown up baring her soul and life on the internet.  It's amazing to me.  (I've never even been on Facebook.)

They saw Nicole come out of the DR and cover up her face while walking down the hallway.  Paulie said maybe it's just late and she wasn't feeling camera-ready, but Corey thought something was wrong.

And it was.  Nicole told Da'Vonne that she got really upset about the Frank situation after "going over everything" in the DR.  They moved to the Nairobi Lounge to discuss it privately.  At first Nicole said she was going to talk to the live feeders, but once they started talking about Frank they had plenty to say to each other, without involving us.


1.  Nicole is very upset about the comments Frank has made about her body.  I have not heard these personally, but at one point I heard them talking about some sort of comment about Nicole's high school activities.  Frank said something about how she looks like she may have played softball in high school, by the looks of her legs.  

2.  Nicole feels like every move she makes in the kitchen is criticized by Frank.  She doesn't feel like she can eat when and what she would like to eat, for fear he might "say something about it".

3. Nicole is very offended by a comment that Frank made to her and Michelle while they were eating something.  According to Nicole, Frank said he wanted to vomit watching the two of them "eat like animals".

4.  Nicole also reported that Frank made a comment about not wanting to wake up and look at her face.

5.  Nicole and Da'Vonne both remember a comment that Frank made that slurred Zakiyah's visage.  Apparently Frank said something was "more jacked up than Zakiyah's teeth".  I have heard them discuss this before, and I was confused until Nicole explained to the live feeders that Zakiyah has some sort of "gap" between her teeth.

6.  Da'Vonne can't wait until Frank is on the block next week, and he comes to her to ask for her vote.  She plans to tell him right then and there how offensive he is, and she will likely remind him of the time Frank "joked" about Day being "a slut".

7.  They are both incensed about a situation where Frank "lifted up Zakiyah's thing and slapped her butt".

8.  Michelle joined them and was visibly excited to find they were in the midst of a Let's Trash Frank session.  Michelle says he was one of her Big Brother heroes before this season, and Nicole agreed with her.

Michelle:  I'm like dude, you forgot how to play Big Brother.

Nicole:  I know...I loved Frank, but now I can't even look at him.

Da'Vonne wondered what Frank was like on the BB14 live feeds, but none of them admit to having watched those live feeds.

(WHAT THE HELL?  These supposed fans of the show didn't watch JANELLE, DAN, MIKE BOOGIE AND BRITNEY play?  I call BULLSHIT on this.  Michelle is one of the biggest Dan Stans on the planet!)

9. Michelle piles on the list of Frank's many crimes by saying that in the first weeks of the game, he told her that her facial structure reminded him of Kara.  (i.e. Kara Monaco)

Michelle: I said, who is Kara?  And Frank said "some broad".

(Um...Kara Monaco was Playmate of the Year, so I think Frank was being generous with this comparison.)

10.  Nicole is disturbed by Frank reacting every time he sees Corey interact with her.

Nicole: When Corey handed me that spoon, Frank acted like he was my little bitch.

11.  Nicole reports that compared to Frank, Zach was a sweetheart to her during BB16.

Nicole:  Zach did it with love...not mean like Frank.

(Remember this?)

They all know that Frank wanted Michelle to win HoH this week, so that he and his team are safe, and so Michelle can do his dirty work for him by evicting Tiffany.  Now Michelle vows that she might throw it, to put Frank at risk.

(I think Paulie and Corey are on board with that, too, putting the entire Category 4 team in jeopardy.)

They discussed all of the Final Four and Final Two deals Frank has made

Michelle:  I can't believe he doesn't know that we all talk to each other...

Nicole wanted Corey to join them for some more anti-Frank bashing and scheming, but he was still in the living room with Paulie and Paul.

Nicole:  I don't trust Paul as far as I can throw him.

Da'Vonne:  Me neither.  He's been walking around sneaking up on everybody.

Corey, Paulie and Paul came in to give Nicole a group hug.  That is Paul's scratched, blotchy skin you see in that picture below.

Nicole has been wondering how Paulie feels about Frank ---she doesn't know that Paulie has already bonded with Corey about wanting Frank out of the house, but she knows that now.

Paulie reassured Nicole that everything is okay with a classic knee pat.

Let me just say that I love Nicole like a little sister, but if I were wheeled into the ER on a stretcher, I would rather Bridgette come to my rescue than Nicole.  Nicole just seems incapable of handling any sort of stress and has a severe lack of confidence.  (Like when Victoria passed out in the WC and Nicole screamed for Derrick to help her...and at the time she thought Derrick was a Parks & Recreation manager.)

Later, Paulie told Michelle and Paul that he used to think Ke$ha and Lady Gaga were hot, and that he is "into vampires".

Paul:  Wow.  I never would have guessed that.

Paulie and Michelle both discussed how hot Lady Gaga looked on American Horror Story.

(Fun Fact:  Tim Dormer from BBCAN4 and BBAU supposedly hooked up with Ke$ha after he won BBAU.)


They are still planning on evicting Victor tonight, but after seeing Da'Vonne's DR sessions on the show last night, I guess there is a possibility of one of the girls getting the boot.  I don't think that is the case, though, because I haven't heard the girls talk about flipping the script on the vote.

I wouldn't be surprised if the HoH competition is an individual one tonight, rather than the teams deciding among themselves will take the title.  They could still keep the winner's entire team safe, but I think they should let each person compete for it on their own.  There is going to be more uncertainty and drama if they let that happen.  They might keep things the way they are now, though.

You all know I love Frank, and if I were in that house I would not be getting so upset about his comments.  Frank would not be farting in my presence, though.   Know that.  But I am loving the idea of Frank getting the boot, and then competing his ass off to win the Battle Back competition.  I hope we have some good close-ups of Nicole's face if that happens.

This whole Frank Situation may have saved Tiffany next week.  I think those two are destined to be the pariahs of the house, so they should form a bond and work together.  


Earlier this week I told you about Zakiyah having a chat with Paulie about the game, where Paulie shared his frustrations about some of the liars in the house.  He also let Zakiyah know that he is aware that he walked in on her in the Have Not room plotting and scheming.

(You can see that here.)

And then Zakiyah ran downstairs and sounded the alarm to Da'Vonne, saying that both she and Nicole need to do some damage control with Paulie now.  At the time I posted, I thought Zakiyah was embellishing the story for Da'Vonne, about Paulie not trusting Frank.

But she wasn't.  I went back and listened and Paulie was indeed saying he was disappointed with Frank's game, and that Frank should know better than to cut so many side deals in such an obvious fashion.

But as Zakiyah and Paulie finished up their chat, Paulie went over and kind of jumped on Zakiyah, and wrestled around with her for a minute before getting up.

Does it look awkward to you?  Because it was definitely awkward.  I would expect Paulie to have some smooth moves, after dating Knicks Girls and supermodels and all.  But maybe he wanted to avoid any serious situations with her.  So he decided to pin her to the mat instead.

After Zakiyah tapped out and got off the bed, she mumbled something like this:

Zakiyah:  That felt a little fast....but then again, you've been taking your time...

Paulie:  It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I heard Zakiyah tell Da'Vonne later that she's known Paulie in the house when he was down, and she's known Paulie in the house when he's on top of the game.

Zakiyah:  I'm ready to go back to the down low Paulie, because the one up there now is a different story.

Paulie also talked trash about Frank's game with Nicole.  Paulie is really taking Frank's disloyalty personally, and he also had a very long talk with Corey about it.  Paulie said that he likes the fact that he and Corey always talk while everyone else is still asleep, so their game connection is off the radar.

Paulie wonders what Frank is saying to James, and why Frank keeps insisting that they keep Bridgette in the game.  They keep comparing Bridgette to Victoria from Cody's season, saying that Frank wants to take Bridgette to the end like Derrick did.

It's been a long couple of weeks in the house, and various people have been tagged as "It" and then faded back into the scenery as other people became the target.  Time will tell if the target sticks to Frank, or shifts back to Tiffany, or moves over to Bronte, or Paul, or Paulie himself, or whoever.

Paulie laid in his HoH bed, and watched the Spy Screen to see who was doing what in the kitchen.  It is obvious that he is stewing.  In fact, he told us about this in one of his HoH tweets.

Nicole was very upset with Frank, saying he is so mean and feels like he is running the house, particularly the kitchen.

Nicole:  I wanted to make dinner at 4:45, but then he got involved and I had to wait until 5:30.  And he's always telling me what kind of cookies I can eat.  I'm sick of it.

Michelle:  Is he going to be the new Victor?

Nicole:  I'd rather spend two weeks locked in a room with Victor, then 2 hours in a room with Frank.

Michelle:  Don't worry.  He'll blow himself up.  Just laugh and smile and move on.

And then Frank comes in the room and both of them start giggling at every word out of Frank's mouth.

Frank:  I want to keep Victor.  I like him.

The Girls:  WHAT?

Frank:  Let's get Tiffany out this week.

Frank had barely told them that he was kidding about the vote, even if he really would prefer to keep Victor over Tiffany, before Victor came in the room and plopped down on the couch.

Frank:  We're all worried about Corey.

They all cracked up as Frank described what Corey just ate:  vanilla ice cream, with fudge sauce that Bridgette made, and melted chunky peanut butter.  Frank swears that Corey is going to have severe gastrointestinal issues due to this snack, but Corey came in to defend himself.

Corey:  I ate it, but that's not going to happen.  It's just not.

Victor joined in, saying it was a good thing the bathroom was so close to the shower, and other generally gross comments about the ramifications of Corey's snack.

Michelle:  At least you didn't put blueberries on there.

Paul, arriving on the scene:  Blueberries!  Are you bitches eating our berries?  You can have all the food in the world right now, and you eat our fucking blueberries?

Later, Frank and James hung out in the hammock and talked shop.

James:  This doesn't feel like it did last season at all.

Frank:  Yeah, I can't believe how comfortable it feels this time.  It's 'cause we've already been here before, and we know what it's like.  It's like the vets in my season---you could see that they settled in a lot quicker than we did.

James mentioned Rachel coming in the room to visit just before James "came in the big house" and she commented on how James was all sprawled out in his chair, saying he looked very relaxed.


I'm not the only one who is not impressed or entertained by the "funny" pranks.

BB8's Eric Stein was bold enough to make a statement about it.

And Miss Cleo has never been shy about sharing his opinions about the BB action.

Even the fine folks at Hamsterwatch are fed up with the pranks!

And McCrae had something to say about the dreaded pranks way back in June when the rumors about James playing BB18 were swirling.

McCrae is a friend of Franks, and spent a fun July 4th weekend at Frank's place in Naples back in 2014. McCrae said they had only met once, for a drink somewhere, when Frank extended the invitation.

And here is an old picture of long-haired Frank passed out with Wil Heuser.  I think this was taken at Wil's house in Louisville, when Frank and several other BB14 house guests visited Wil for the Kentucky Derby.

I am looking forward to Wil really going in on Frank during his BB Saga series.  Wil has already said that Frank won't like the wig Wil chose for the portrayal, but I think Frank will take it all in stride.